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Yoga for Weight Loss: Losing Weight Made Easy

Yoga for Weight Loss Losing Weight Made Easy

Physical fitness is one of the most important attributes of a person, if not the most important. And today, with so much of electronic devices and gadgets that restrict the peoples’ movement, it has become extremely difficult for people to get out of their homes and train their body and hone the skills that are up for grabs for everybody. Everything cannot be achieved online. Materialistic happiness can be, but physical fitness is something that can never be achieved online. One might watch a lot of online motivational videos but it has to be implemented on the training grounds as well for that to work. Sadly, only a few individuals sweat it out at the field. Rest are either listening to music, or playing games, or worse, sitting in front of a dead machine for hours, with their tummy hitting against the desk. In this article, not only will we discuss about the importance of keeping your body fit, but also about some of the easy and the basic yoga for weight loss exercises that one can easily do.

Generally speaking, physical fitness is anything that keeps your health in the perfect condition, so that one can easily do their daily work without getting tired. It can be achieved through three main phases:

  1. Important and Body-specific exercises
  2. A proper and a balanced diet
  3. Proper sleep with adequate amount of rest

These things are not necessary to be carried out every day in a week, but yes, most of the days, because once you get out of the habit of sweating yourself out in the field, you will never be able to get back to it. Also, some of the diseases may creep into your body once you leave doing a body-specific exercise. So, it completely depends on your whether to start or stay on your bed, sleeping and once you start, there is no turning back. So, let us dive deeper into the world and discover some of the key attributes and importance of staying fit.

Why do we need fitness?

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines, it is extremely essential for your body to be fit, especially for adults, who work at least 5-6 hours a day. Without fitness, the body will succumb to fatigue, and the work cannot be carried out efficiently. It is recommended for working adults that they should devote at least 2 and half hours (150 minutes) per week if they are doing moderate-intensity exercise and 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes) if they are carrying out vigorous-intensity exercises. Aerobic physical exercises are an extremely detailed and efficient method to increase the capacity of your body to perform more work than usual without getting tired. Generally, 5 hours a week (300 minutes) will be sufficient for the best results.

Weight-lifting and muscle training can also be done, but it is recommended that people over 50 years of age only focus on keeping their body fit rather than lifting heavy weights. Core training is one of the most strenuous exercises ever and involves a lot of activity, which is only achieved through proper body conditioning, physical health and mental peace. It yields the best results and is the core secret of some of the fittest athletes of the world. Core training is only recommended for people under 40 years and if done the right way for at least 2 years, it can give your body magnificent results and can serve a long way in your long run, without tiring you early. This is because core training involves training and conditioning your body without the help of machines, such as treadmill or without the use of dumbbells and barbells for your muscles. It involves running, swimming in deep waters, hammering and other exercises like chilling (pull-ups) and squats for your legs. Yoga is another important training exercise, especially for women who are not into heavy weight-lifting exercises. Yoga is extremely beneficial for weight loss and is the key in achieving an excellent body structure. Yoga also helps in attaining peace of mind and fighting other body illnesses and diseases.

Having discussed the necessities and usefulness of fitness in general, let us take a look at some of the essential and important things that yoga can help us to achieve.

Can Yoga actually help us to lose weight?

Yoga is one of the most ancient exercises to have originated in India. It is mainly concerned with maintaining the stability, discipline and the energy that the body needs to perform all the daily tasks, without getting tired out easily. In ancient India, people did not have access to machines to maintain their body, so they took to yoga. According to a study, people who are hooked to yoga for their entire life have been found to have a bigger life span, than people who take the help of machines to train their body. This mainly occurs because the body gets used to the force and the stability of the machine, and when it is carried out in the real world, where situations are different, it falters. Yoga is only concerned with training your body and mind according to the real world situations, taking the help of nature. Once mastered, one gains the upper hand when rigorous work is concerned to be carried out.

Before we get on to how yoga helps in losing weight, let us take a look at some of the factors that are responsible for gaining of unwanted weight. Apart from the bad and the faulty food habits that most of the people have, it is the lack of regular functioning of the human organs that are responsible for gaining of weight. When organs do not perform their scheduled tasks, due to insufficient energy, or sometimes due to dysfunctional hormonal secretions, the body does not receive the sufficient amount of metabolism that is required to run it efficiently. Hence, we gain weight. Often it is also concerned with irregular breathing, and that is somehow also concerned with the freshness in the air of the particular area. Yoga is mainly concerned with breathing and shutting off the entire world around you and help you to concentrate on something specific. Breathing efficiently is one of the key attributes of yoga, and if you get to breathe in a particular amount of air, then gaining weight is something that is restricted to a certain level. It not only improves the breathing habit of the people, but also cleanses and rejuvenates the inner organs, for their better functioning. And when they function better and more efficiently, the excess weight is cut out, since all the fatty acid globules are being burnt. Hence, yoga is extremely effective when it comes to burning unwanted calories and getting rid of excess weight.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular yoga for weight loss which can yield the best results and help you in your endeavor.

  • Surya Namaskar: Surya Namaskar is considered one of the basic and important poses of Yoga. It comprises of 12 different poses and is an excellent exercise for the entire body, since all the body muscles and parts get involved in this. This sun salutation is the first thing that needs to be done, before starting with the rest of the poses.
  • Warrior Pose: The Warrior Pose is another important yoga for weight loss. It involves the workout on your thighs, legs, calves and on your deltroid-muslces. What you do is rock back a leg, and lunge one forward and position your body perpendicular to your stretched legs and lift both the arms to salute the sky. The head should be parallel to your legs. You can also improvise and bring your arms forward parallel to the sight of your eyes.
  • Triangular Pose: The triangular pose has similar benefits to that of the warrior pose, but is just a variant of the former one. In this pose, you rock back on one length, and lunge your other leg forward like the previous one, but only, the distance between the two legs will be smaller. One of the arms should be lifted towards the sky and the other one should be at a 180 degree, touching the leg. These two exercises are extremely effective to increase the stability and balance of the entire body.
  • Upward Plank: Just like in plank, you balance your body on your elbows keeping a straight posture, the upward blank is balancing your entire body on elbows, but just in the reverse direction, i.e., facing upwards, while maintaining the posture at 180 degree. This yoga for weight loss is one of the toughest exercises and burns a lot of fats and increases the power of your arms and shoulders.
  • Boat Pose: The Boat Pose may look funny but is actually extremely efficient when it comes to yoga for weight loss, hanging from your tummy. Balancing your entire body on your hips, you lift your leg and body at an angle of 45 degrees between them, holding the position with your hand on your thighs. Doing it without holding your thighs for the balance is very tough, but so are the rewards.
  • Bridge Pose: The bridge pose is the best exercise for your back and a great yoga for weight loss making it solid and getting rid of all the back-related problems. In this pose, you support the entire body on your shoulders, lifting the major portion of your body, forming a bridge and supporting it with your feet. It is recommended that your hold your feet with your hands to avoid slipping on the floor and end up hurting yourself.

These are all the yoga poses that you will need to get yourself back in shape with Yoga. Elaborating further on this topic, it is essential for us to understand how our body responds to all the changes that we are making to it. All the bodies have different ways to take in all the changes. While some may benefit from it instantly, others may take some time to notice the changes in your body. This is because all the working procedures of the body are not the same. It is important to know that Yoga can be done constantly and one can always try and experiment, mainly improvise on the already mentioned poses above. The Yoga has been regarded as one of the most silent warriors, looking to reform your body and making it a better place for your organs to perform their tasks. People have always wondered how can a few breathing exercise and doing the complicated poses help in reducing weight. Before yoga got into the minds of the older generation people, they were busy training their body using the machines that were available in those times.

They mainly focus on their core training, which is another instance where you try and hone your skills. Yoga is another thing that is used by almost all the successful athletes around the world. In a recent study, it has been proved that yoga for weight loss not only helps you to get rid of those extra pounds but also increases the concentration enormously. The main difference in yoga and meditation being the workload and the dedication required to carry them out. While medication means completely shutting down the world around to gain the concentration, yoga achieves that through all the poses when you go through them. Such is the power of yoga that it can also be used to cure small diseases that take place inside the body. Not just losing weight, yoga can also be used effectively to cleanse the body and get rid of all the harmful particles and bacteria through the excretory systems and can also be used to stabilize the body, something that can never ever be achieved with exercise involving the machines.

So, Yoga is recommended for people of all ages and has to be carried out at least 6 times a week to ensure the best results. Not only is it beneficial for your body, but there are certain other effects that you can feel once you get the nag of performing yoga.

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