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Weight Loss by Walking: How to Burn as Many Calories as Possible

Weight Loss by Walking: How to Burn as Many Calories as Possible

In our busy and stressful daily routines there is no time left for walking. It is such a shame. Walking is one of the most effective and at the same time affordable ways of losing weight. Walking is free and it can burn fat as well as working out in the gym. Here is the most important things you should know when considering weight loss by walking.

If you decided to lose weight by walking, you should follow these rules:

1. If you do not walk regularly and you only go to the nearest store to buy groceries or you walk to see your colleague in the office which is a few feet away, you should start weight loss by walking little by little, progressively increasing physical activity. Firstly, walk three or four times a week for ten minutes a day. Gradually increase your walking time to 30-45 minutes a day and do it five to six times a week.

Do not give up or put off walking if you feel lazy at first. It will pass over time and walking will become a pleasant habit instead of torturous chore. It’s great if you live in an area which has a park nearby or a nice alley. If not, it is not pretext to postpone weight loss by walking. Walk around your house or your block.

2. If you want to lose weight by walking, you should walk fast. So fast like you are late for work and your car is broken down, bus drivers are on strike. The point is, if you walk slow, you do not burn enough energy. If you walk on a slow pace you will only burn approximately 1/2 calories per minute or 45 calories per half hour.

However, if you increase the tempo to 3-4 miles per hour, you will burn about 5 calories per minute which equals to 150 kcal per half hour. This is a significant difference, right? Walking at such a pace, you can burn as much calories as a small candy bar contains.

3. Increase speed by increasing the pace of your walk not the size of your step. Walk in small steps, you should burn more energy this way. Also, try to work with your hands do not just place them on your sides. Firstly, it will be easier to walk, secondly, you will burn even more calories this way. Imagine that you are holding ski poles and perform intense movement with your hands.

4. Walking can help you lose weight even better when you do it in the morning. After a 8-12 hour fast, your body is deprived of glucose and during your walk, the body tries to provide energy intensively. This helps to burn fat from the deep layer of the skin. Also, morning walk will increase your metabolism during the day.

5. Make sure you drink sufficient amount of water when you are walking for weight loss. Otherwise the slimming effect will decrease. Walking is not only a way to burn energy and fat but also a way to lose fluids. Therefore, drink a glass of water before you go for a walk and another glass of water after you are done walking.

6. If you want to increase the process of fat burn, try L-carnitine before and after your walk.

7. During your walk for weight loss, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. If shortness of breath occurs, do not start to breathe in through your mouth. This is a sign that you need to slow down the tempo. Walk slower and after a few minutes the shortness of breath should disappear.

Follow these 7 tips and weight loss by walking will help you to achieve desired results.

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