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Top 5 Tips for Achieving Perfect Abs

How to Achieve Perfect Abs for Summer

Personal trainers and professionals notice a huge increase of people who are looking to achieve perfect abs, especially before the summer season. People tend to wake up and hurry to the gym to get a perfect six pack quick.

In this article, we will explain what do you need to do to achieve perfect abs fast.

Here are the Top 5 Tips for Achieving Perfect Abs

1. Dedicate at least 10 minutes for your ab workout

Abdominal muscle exercises should be performed during your every workout at the gym. If your workout is an hour long, devote at least 10 minutes for your abs. If you enjoy group training like “Insanity” and others, choose those which focus more on abdominal training.

2. Get your nutrition in check

Nutrition for Achieving Perfect AbsIf you can get your nutrition balanced and perfected, you can expect ab muscle results in a couple of months. But that does not mean you should starve yourself. You can eat everything however keep it moderate. It is essential to remove junk food from your ration like fast food, chips, alcohol. You can eat sweets but at low amounts and before lunch. If you want to achieve perfect abs and overall nice figure, focus a lot on dinner. Include lean foods in your dinner, vegetables and fibers. Avoid fatty foods. Please take into consideration that everybody is unique and what works for some people might not work for you.

3. Perform your exercises regularly


Planking for Perfect AbsPlanking is one of the best exercises for achieving perfect abs. It strengthens the lower abdominal muscle which is really hard to perfect. If you perform this exercise correctly, every abdominal muscle group should be impacted. Perform this exercise at the beginning of your workout. Try to plank as long as you can at first. Later, increase the planking time.


Crunches are really essential for achieving perfect abs. Side crunches are really useful for upper abdominal muscles and side abs.

4. Perform ab exercises at work

Exercise Your Abs at WorkLots of people might think that training your six-pack and achieving perfect abs is only possible at the gym. However, this is not always the case. You can exercise your abs even when sitting at your work desk. You just have to sit up and flex your abs and feel the tension. If you do a lot of office work and do not move a lot it is recommended that you sit on the stability ball for a couple of hours instead on your regular chair.

5. Start as early as possible

You should begin focusing on your abs as early as possible, try to start at the begging of autumn and reach maximum intensity during winter. In this case spring is only for smoothing your abs. However, if you do start in spring, understand that the potential of achieving a six pack is limited. It is still possible to enhance your muscles but achieving perfect abs is pretty much out of the question.

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