Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors Buying Guide

Best Exercise Bike for Seniors

If you’re a senior and you want an easy and convenient way to stay fit (or become fit!), you should know that choosing the best exercise bike for seniors will be an excellent way to boost your fitness, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The best stationery bike for seniors will be very comfortable to sit on and it will also be durable and affordable.

One superb option is a recumbent stationery bike. When you choose this non-upright style, you’ll be able to enjoy seating which is comfier than what you’d get with an upright stationery bike. The best recumbent exercise bike for seniors will cradle you in comfort while you tone your legs, raise your heart rate and burn calories. It will give you lower back support, too, and this is a good thing, as many people in their golden years tend to have lower back problems.

Today, we’d like to share information about the benefits and features of five exceptional exercise bikes for seniors.

Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors Buying Guide

NameMaximum User WeightDimensions (W x H x D) InchesLCD MonitorPrice
Marcy ME-709300 lbs55.5 x 25 x 37.5Yes
Exerpeutic 4000325 lbs58 x 30 x 41Yes
Marcy Club Revolution JX-7038300 lbs45.5 x 20 x 44No
Exerpeutic 900XL300 lbs54 x 22 x 34.1Yes
Schwinn 230300 lbs64 x 50 x 27Yes

1. Marcy ME-709 Review – Affordable with lots of functions

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsThis affordable bike from Marcy is a smart choice for seniors. It’s actually suitable for all ages. One feature which we think makes it an ideal choice for older fitness buffs is its “step through” design. Step-through design makes it much easier to get on and off of a stationery bike! If you want less strain on your back and knees, then this is the design for you.

This model also features superb construction. It’s crafted from fourteen-gauge steel which is heavy-duty. The steel tubing used to make this bike features a sleek and attractive, powder-coated finish.

When you choose this model, you’ll access eight levels of resistance. Choose to start off with an easy level of resistance and then build up, or go for higher resistance in order to challenge yourself. It’s nice to have choices and this bike offers plenty of variety in terms of resistance options. Control tension via a knob in order to simulate an array of riding conditions on an assortment of different terrain! It’s so easy to personalize workouts with this Marcy stationery bike.

As well, you’ll find that this model has a computer screen which is very easy to read. This is a nice feature to have, especially if your vision isn’t what it once was. The display screen is LCD and it functions as an odometer. It shows readouts for speed, time, calories burned and distance. The numbers are really big, so they are extremely easy to see.

One other impressive feature of this model is its seat, which is padded and very comfortable. It comes with a saddle that is designed to offer ergonomic benefits. This means that it’s been designed with your comfort in mind. The saddle is padded with foam of high density. It has handles which are covered in foam. The padded handles provide plenty of support to the arms and back and help users to enjoy superior form while they work out.

Also, this model comes with pedals which are counter-balanced. In other words, the pedals are weighted, which means that they offer the very best in foot support, as well as great control. Use the adjustable foot straps to customize fit for a more enjoyable ride. You can get a great deal on Marcy ME-709 here.You can get a great deal on Marcy ME-709 here.

2. Exerpeutic 4000 with MyCloudFitness App Review – Innovative with modern features but easy to use

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsExerpeutic is a good brand name that we trust. If you want a comfortable recumbent bike with all of the right features, you’ll benefit from considering the Exerpeutic 4000. It’s a magnetic recumbent bike which comes with access to the MyCloudFitness App. It features an “air soft” seat which is bigger than average.

We like the larger seat, as it will provide seniors of all shapes and sizes with ample room to get comfortable as they work out. As well, we like the aerodynamic health care tech which has been utilized in this recumbent bike seat design. This seat is breathable, which means that air moves through its fabric.

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsWhen you select this model, you’ll access some ultra-modern features. If you’re not used to using apps in order to track your fitness, we think that you should try it! The Mobile App Tracking feature in this model is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It allows users to track the results of their workouts whenever they wish to, from anywhere that they have access to the Web.

As well, this model features a twelve-workout computer which is programmable. It shows watts, distance, RPM and heart rate control and also has four individual settings. The tension system on this bike has twenty-four levels. You may adjust it via the bike’s computer console. This bike is suitable for anyone who weighs three hundred and twenty-five pounds or less. You can get a great deal on Exerpeutic 4000 here.You can get a great deal on Exerpeutic 4000 here.

3. Marcy Club Revolution JX-7038 Review – Durable and strong

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsWe think that recumbent bikes offer a lot of advantages to seniors. However, some seniors may prefer to purchase upright styles, which give them the same feeling as the upright bikes that they grew up riding. If you prefer an upright experience, you’ll enjoy learning about this bike from Marcy. It’s well-made and has a mid-range price tag. It delivers a lot of quality for a fair and reasonable price.

For example, this model features premium steel construction. Its superb steel frame is strong and enhances the stationery bike’s performance. As well, this bike features a powder-coated finish which is durable and attractive. If you want a stationery bike that will go the distance, this one will be a fine choice. It’s highly-rated with all age groups and it definitely offers a lot in terms of quality, performance and construction.

In addition, this design comes with a padded seat which is adjustable. The seat features a 2-axis adjustment which allows the bike to handle people of many different heights. Adjust the seat so that it conforms to your body and offers the most comfort and support possible. As well, this bike comes with a flywheel which weighs forty pounds.

The flywheel will store energy which is rotational and provide resistance, too. This sturdy, well-made flywheel makes it easy to manually adjust levels of resistance, with a mind to simulating a variety of terrain. Customize your workout routine in order to make each workout perfect for your fitness level, energy level and mood.

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsHandlebars for this bike are “aero-style” and they have bolt-on extensions which are narrow. These extensions draw the body forwards, into the right position. Adjust the handlebars in order to make them perfect for your arm length. You may also adjust them so that you’ll be able to rest your hands and arms.

This bike is nice and portable, despite being an upright stationery bike. If you want a nice cardio workout at home, you’ll love the fact that you may easily move this bike from room to room. It comes with wheels for simple, stress-free transport. We love this feature for seniors, as it’s often hard to move these types of fitness machines if they don’t come with transport wheels. You can get a great deal on Marcy Club Revolution JX-7038 here.You can get a great deal on Marcy Club Revolution JX-7038 here.

This is a great bike. It’s upright and a lot like the upright stationery bikes that you’ll find in gyms. It looks sleek and sporty and it’s a pleasure to use.

4. Exerpeutic 900XL Review – Comfortable and smooth

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsWhen you choose a stationery bike which is recumbent, you’ll access comfort, as well as the ability to do cardio workouts which don’t put a lot of strain on your back and joints. One fine recumbent bike to consider is the 900XL from Exerpeutic. It features eight levels of magnetic tension while gives you the power to personalize your ride.

This unit features a display which is big and simple to read. The display is LCD and it shows speed, time, calories burned and heart rate. This recumbent bike features measurements of twenty-two inches by thirty-four inches by fifty-four inches. It weighs sixty-three pounds and it will hold anyone safely who weighs three hundred pounds or less. This design comes with a 3-year warranty.

We think that the extended capacity of this model is a good thing. Some seniors may weigh more than the typical weight capacity for other recumbent bikes. This one gives them the ability to ride safely, even if they do weigh more.

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsWhen you choose this model, you’ll access sensors which measure your pulse by hand. As well, you’ll enjoy a big seat with a nice back rest. We also love the fact that this design, which comes from a respected manufacturer, is quiet as it runs. This model has big pedals so it’s easy to ride and the bike is equipped with a cranking system of the “smooth torque” type. You’ll find that this bike provides a smooth ride, every single time. You can get a great deal on Exerpeutic 900XL here.

5. Schwinn 230 Review – Top of the line brand

Best Exercise Bike for SeniorsSchwinn is a famous name in bikes. It’s one of the bike manufacturers that most people know by heart. If you want to buy from a well-known brand, you may find that the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is ideal for your requirements. It’s a mid-range design, so it doesn’t cost too much, but it’s not a budget model, either.

When you select this model, you’ll access a clear, easy-to-read display which tracks calorie goals, distance and time. You may transfer these metrics for fitness via a Flash drive. As well, you’ll find that this system comes with a two-track screen which provides enhanced visibility to goal tracking and programs. Choose from twenty resistance levels in order to vary the intensity of every workout.

This model has twenty-two exercise programs built in. Some examples include custom user defined, quick start, heart rate control, profile and fitness test. This Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike also comes with a USB port for charging, speakers, a fan which is adjustable and a shelf for media. You can get a great deal on Schwinn 230 here.You can get a great deal on Schwinn 230 here.

Which Bike Is Right For You?

If you’re a senior and you want comfort and support as you ride, choose your favorite recumbent stationery bike from our list. We’ve pointed out some wonderful styles. One may fit your budget, or meet your brand preference, a little better than the others.

If you’re gravitating towards an upright style, we have recommended one which is exceptional and not too expensive. If you don’t have back problems, you may find that the seat of an upright bike isn’t too hard on your back. A recumbent bike will offer lower back support in a way that an upright can’t, but some seniors don’t need a higher-than-average level of back support.

You have choices and the good news is that we’ve done the comparison-shopping for you. We know that you have things to do, so we’ve researched a lot of stationery bikes for seniors and then chosen the best. You’re safe choosing anything on our list. If you do have joint problems and/or back problems, it might be wise to choose our number one pick, which is the ME-709 stationery bike from Marcy. It’s got all of the right features, it’s super-affordable and has a design which features a comfy seat. As well, you’ll find that getting on and off this bike is very easy, which means less strain on your body.

Now that you know more about five stellar stationery bikes which help seniors and others to become their best selves, why not order one for yourself today? Every bike that we’ve featured here today is popular and gets great reviews. All of the bikes come from brands with proven track records.

You may order your preferred style from All of the bikes mentioned here today are available for attractive prices at

Now is the right time to put an emphasis on personal fitness. Having your own exercise equipment at home will make it easy for you to get fit whenever you want to. As well, you’ll love the fact that you don’t need to pay gym fees in order to work out. Watch TV as you ride or listen to music. It’s fun to get fit on stationery bikes for seniors.

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