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Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Herbs to lower blood pressure are definitely out there and trying one or more of the herbs on our list will allow you to experiment with natural remedies for high blood pressure.

At present, millions of people in America do have hypertension (high blood pressure) and this adverse health condition definitely increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes,  Atherosclerosis, kidney disease and eye diseases.

As well, it may trigger erectile dysfunction in men and Preeclampsia in women who are pregnant. Since the consequences of high blood pressure may be serious, experimenting with natural blood pressure remedies will be well worth doing.

The home remedies for high blood pressure on our list are a great way to lower blood pressure without the side effects of traditional blood pressure medications. For example, central agonists are a class of drugs which are often prescribed in order to treat hypertension and they may trigger a host of unpleasant side effects, including constipation, anemia, drowsiness, erection problems, fever, dizziness and dry mouth.

While herbal remedies may occasionally trigger side effects, they are generally quite mild and most people who use herbal supplements in order to battle high blood pressure experience no negative side effects at all.

Now, let’s look at the Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

1. Indian Snakeroot

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

This herb is a trusted treatment for cardiovascular problems. Its scientific name is rauwolfia serpentine and it’s quite effective in terms of decreasing blood pressure levels in users. The herb contains a potent compound known as alkaloid reserpine, which has the power to regulate the function of the heart. Sometimes, high blood pressure is triggered by stress or higher-than-normal anxiety levels.

You should speak to a trained healthcare professional before taking this herbal remedy. This health care pro will be able to offer you advice about how much of the herb to take. In general, this natural supplement is sold in capsule format and a maximum recommended dosage is three capsules per day.

Possible side effects of using Indian Snakeroot therapeutically include stuffy nose, stomach cramps and sick stomach.

2. Garlic

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic is known for its germ-killing properties. In fact, it’s nicknamed, “the poor man’s antibiotic”. It’s effective as a treatment for an array of health conditions, including high blood pressure. Garlic works by lowering cholesterol levels and helping to prevent blood clots. These benefits help to nip hypertension in the bud.

Eat it raw, add it to recipes or choose a supplement. The pungent scent of garlic is probably its biggest downside. However, supplements which contain deodorized garlic are available. In general, side effects from using garlic are mild. However, some people have experienced bad breath, sick stomach and gas while utilizing it therapeutically.

3. Gingko Biloba

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

This herb may also be referred to as “maidenhair” and it improves high blood pressure in some users by dilating their blood vessels and thinning their blood. A study which underscores the value of Gingko Biloba as a treatment for hypertension was conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center. So, science does back up the effectiveness of this herbal remedy, which is also great for heart health.

In general, dosages which range from one hundred and forty milligrams to two hundred and forty milligrams per day are tolerated well. This herb is known for provoking few side effects. However, it may trigger sick stomach, skin reactions and headaches in certain users. Dizziness may also be a possibility.

4. Hawthorn

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

If you want to boost the general health of the cardiovascular system, you’ll find that this natural herbal remedy for hypertension is a smart choice. It will strengthen the walls of your heart as it helps to decrease your blood pressure levels. Some researchers believe that Hawthorn relaxes the blood vessels which are far away from the heart, perhaps due to the proanthocyanidin content in the herb.

Most people take at least three hundred milligrams of this supplement daily. If you have hypertension, you should talk to your physician before you start therapy with Hawthorne. Possible side effects include sick stomach, tiredness, headaches, dizzy spells, sweating and sleeplessness.

5. Cinnamon

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

If you want to lower your blood pressure as you enjoy great taste, just add more cinnamon to your daily diet. It may be sprinkles on toast or enjoyed in a multitude of ways! When you consume some cinnamon daily, you’ll find that it decreases your blood pressure levels. Some people add some of fragrant cinnamon to their tea or coffee in the a.m. What’s important is getting your daily dose of cinnamon on a consistent basis. Cinnamon is believed to lower blood pressure because it reduces circulating insulin within the body.

To try this treatment, buy stick cinnamon, as the kind which is powdered may be toxic. Grind it up yourself or add a stick to a hot drink or a recipe. This herbal remedy is usually side-effect free. However, the Cassia form of cinnamon may cause liver problems if a great deal of it is consumed.

6. Basil

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Basil is a wonderful addition to so many recipes, from salads to sauces and beyond and it’s also great for decreasing blood pressure levels. If you don’t want it to use it fresh, you may take Basil extract. While the effects of Basil are typically temporary, it does help, and it’s a safe herb.

Add a typical food amount of basil to your daily diet as a treatment, or choose to take a teaspoon of Basil Extract. If you’re using a supplement, it’s smart to just follow the directions on the bottle. In terms of side effects, most people don’t have any. An allergic reaction is possible. You should stop taking Basil or eating a lot of Basil fourteen days before you are scheduled for an operation. You should consider Basil in supplement form to be a short-term treatment option. Liver problems may develop if you take it for a long time.

7. Cat’s Claw

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

This staple of Chinese medicine is utilized in order to treat hypertension and neurological health issues. It lowers blood pressure by acting on channels of calcium which are inside of cells. It’s pretty easy to find this natural herbal remedy online and the typical daily dosage is twenty to thirty milligrams. Users who do experience side effects from Cat’s Claw may feel dizzy, suffer from Diarrhea or experience tiredness. Weakness is also a possible side effect.

8. French Lavender

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

This herb smells wonderful and it’s known to promote relaxation! As well, it’s a good natural treatment option for hypertension. When you use the herb, you may be able to lower your blood pressure due to its soothing and calming properties. We think that you’ll enjoy using it in recipes. It’s actually been utilized in an array of baked goods for centuries. Lavender lemonade or ice cream might also help you to enjoy great taste as you treat your hypertension.

Use the herb in modest quantities. Side effects of French Lavender may include bigger appetite, headaches and constipation.

9. Celery Seed

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

This herb may be utilized in order to jazz up the taste of so many dishes, from soups to stews and beyond. In China, this herb is a time-honored treatment for high blood pressure. One treatment option for Celery Seed is to juice the whole plant, along with its leaves and then drink it. This herb has diuretic properties and this is likely the reason why it’s an effective treatment for hypertension.

Just consume a modest “food amount” of it daily in order to enjoy its benefits. Side effects of Celery Seed include allergic reactions in some people, as well as the possibility of increased bleeding.

10. Cardamom

Top 10 Powerful Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

This Indian spice adds tons of flavors to many delectable Indian dishes and it’s also used in South Asian cuisine. A study has shown that consuming the powdered form of Cardamom each each over the long term will relieve many of the symptoms of high blood pressure. This herb doesn’t usually cause side effects. However, it’s not right for those who suffer from gallstones. We recommend taking a supplement as directed or just adding a typical “food amount” of the spice to your diet regularly.

Try These Herbal Remedies Today

High blood pressure is worrisome. However, the side effects of typical, prescription-grade blood pressure medications may be harsh. This is why we think that you should try one ore more of the top 10 powerful herbs to lower blood pressure today and then track your results!

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