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Top 10 Exercises to Lose Weight Fast and Burn Fat

Top 10 Exercises to Lose Weight Fast and Burn Fat

Do I have to exercise? Can’t I just lose weight by dieting? I have tried everything – nothing works! If only there were a way for me to eat more cake and not add this damn weight! I need to lose weight – seriously! Here are one of the best top 10 exercises to lose weight fast and burn fat.

These are just some of the comments and laments from the society around you. Well, this isn’t a consolation our way of letting you know that it is hard for everyone. Unfortunately, working out is an important part of healthy living. Besides losing the stubborn pounds, working out does the following:

  • Boosts immunity,
  • Improves sleep (calling on all insomniacs),
  • It boosts your confidence levels,
  • Makes your brain more alert
  • Improves your lung capacity (asthmatics – this is for you),
  • And finally, makes you feel and look more beautiful thanks to the glowing skin and hair.

But, I have had this yo-yo feeling for a long time, and I am tired. Is there an alternative? Well, there isn’t one but, there is a complementary thing you need to do, eat right. By eating right, we mean adapting a new lifestyle that is favorable to weight loss. You may also have to find ways to deal with stress and also develop a healthy sleeping lifestyle.

Final words before we jump into the exercises – mistakes. Maybe you were doing the right exercises the wrong way.

Which are the best exercises and the best way of exercising? High-intensity exercises. They are effective because they stimulate the release of the growth hormone which mobilizes fat use as fuel. Since it elevates metabolism, you will keep burning the fats after the exercise.

1. Weight lifting / training

This is the best exercise for weight loss, and it tops our list because of its effectiveness – yes, it is one top of the weight loss food chain. You lose weight from lifting weights because of the high metabolism rate which expends quite some energy. The beauty of weight training is the fact that you continue losing weight even after you leave the gym thanks to the ‘after-burn effect’. The after-burn effect is also called the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which just means that, after an intense workout session, your body will need to utilize oxygen at higher-than-normal rates for repair and as it cools down to its resting state. This process requires energy, and you burn calories actively after you stop exercising. After-burn may last for more than 24 hours after a workout.

2. Interval training

The best exercises aren’t empowering and energetic; they are entertaining too. That is the feel you get from interval training. Interval training refers to any form of exercise that gets your heart racing for a few minutes then slows down the heart rate for a few more minutes. This has to be a repetitive action.

How is it effective? Well, every time your heart rate hits the roof, your metabolism rises too to meet the high energy demand. This burns calories. Cycling is an example of interval training. Since most of your muscles (hamstring, quads, glutes) engage in activity in this strenuous exercise, you burn more calories. You must remember that you need muscle to burn calories.

The reason why you need a higher muscle mass is for your BMR (Basal or Resting Metabolic Rate). One pound of muscle uses about 150 calories in a day while a pound of fat uses three calories meaning that an exercise that involves the use of many muscles result in weight loss by burning off calories.

3. Boxing

Haven’t tried this one yet? Well, boxing is another form of interval training that engages many muscles, and besides helping get rid of the fatty batwings you have been nurturing with takeout, it tones the muscle. A common mistake by most beginners is only punching using the arm’s strength. For fast weight loss, you need more power which lies in your core. We often ignore oblique, but you need those muscles to lose the fat.

4. Cross Fit

Almost everyone is turning to cross fit – well, it works, and you don’t have to overwork. Since Cross Fit exercises vary from front squats, box jumps, kettlebell swings to rope climbs, your whole body works. The other reason is that these exercises are short but intense. Because of the intensity, you will be able to lose weight.

5. Fat-tire biking

This is an exercise which is gaining popularity because of how strenuous it is – well, it isn’t just strenuous, its fun and you get to drink in all the beauty of nature while breathing in fresh air, Oxygen is critical for aerobic respiration which breaks down those calories. By peddling these heavy-to-turn bikes through different terrains, you will use up a lot of calories. Please note that the number of calories lost depend on your strength, skill, and fitness level.

6. Burpees

This is an exercise that targets your chest, core, and legs, all at once. Trust us; you’ll feel the burn when doing burpees and this is a good thing because it means that you are using muscles to lose weight while also building those muscles.

Burpees are effective because it includes squats, leg extensions, planks, pushups, leg raises, squats, and finally you jump up. Repeating these movements quickly conditions your body because the movements involve strength development, anaerobic endurance, and explosive power. However lazy you are, you need burpees because it is the best exercise to lose weight.

7. Explosive lunges

A high-intensity exercise like explosive lunges guarantees to break a sweat but you have to start with your body before using dumbbells and barbells. Lunges utilise your lower body and target quadriceps, gluteus Minimus, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, Tensor Fascia Latae, hamstrings, and other hip flexor muscles.

8. Tabata

If you put off workouts because of time, then we have Tabata for you. No more excuses. Tabata is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that lasts FOUR minutes and involves about 20 seconds of intense activity followed by a 10-second rest. Your body adapts, but within the four seconds, you will have a spiked heart rate and metabolism.

9. Swimming

You need your entire body and mind to do a few or many laps in the pool. The involvement of all muscle groups means that you use even more calories and you’ll lose weight faster. Swimming is a great alternative to running, and you can lose more than 700 calories when swimming for an hour. For better results, you should consider treading in the water for as long as possible then standing upright in the deep end while using your arms and legs to stay afloat. Rest for about 2 minutes then do ten laps – you will feel good when done.

10. Jumping / skipping rope

You probably skipped the rope so many times growing up and never understood why it was so much fun. Fast forward to now when you need to shed the extra weight, and you find skipping ropes in the gym. Why? Well, skipping or jumping rope is a moderate-intensity exercise and jumping about 100 times in a minute raises your heart beat, engages muscles, increases your metabolism, and leads to loss of some calories. This is one of the best exercises to lose weight fast because you can jump anywhere, your backyard, the beach, and in the gym.

Bonus exercises: Mountain climbing, squats, yoga, indoor rowing, bicycle crunches, and AirDyne Bike Sprints.

We want these exercises to work for you. Here are tips to help you through your weight loss journey:

  • Practice the two-step – take the stairs and make double steps rather than single steps to activate twitch muscle fibres in your legs burning calories.
  • Give up your seat at work – if you need a breather, rise from your seat then lower your bottom as though you are sitting, touchdown, and spring up again. Make sure to squeeze those glutes as you straighten.
  • Push up your pace to rave up your metabolic rate
  • Take a power walk in the middle of that midday slump
  • Don’t skip cardio
  • Keep yoga and pilates in mind
  • Be consistent.
  • Wear the right gear – this means the right sneakers, and the right bra, ladies, you must wear a workout bra.
  • Finally, eat well. Focus on muscle building foods, and it helps, find a disciplined partner.

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