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Stop Aging Now: Turn Back Time With Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

Stop Aging Now Turn Back Time With Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

There are a lot of scientific research which suggest that any physical activity improves the lifespan of the human body. Lets take a look on how that works and how can you stop aging now with a particular sport and exercises.

If you start exercising regularly as soon as possible, you will look much younger and better when aging. The good part is: you don’t have to become a crazy sports fanatic or intense gym rat. You can slow down aging significantly even if you implement a simple and easy rule: take regular walks daily. This is why it works.

In 2012, a research conducted by Boston scientists, discovered a hormone named irisin. This hormone is released into our bodies during physical activity, when muscles contract, in other words when exercising. This hormone is responsible for active fat burning and chromosomal telomere length. Chromosomal telomere length precisely defines the biological human age. For example, professional athletes have a cardiovascular system which is almost twice as young if compared to people who do not exercise.

Only six months of endurance training (jogging, cycling, rowing) can help completely restore breathing system even if you are above 50 years of age. A study, published at The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, suggests that cardio, resistance and endurance training can help reduce muscle aging.

Which exercises to choose

Suppose you have never exercised before and decided that enough is enough, it is time to start. Where to start?

Aerobic exercises. If you decided to stop aging now, you should consider training which is lengthy but not stressful. Such exercises can take place in water or land. Land-based aerobics or gymnastics is ideal. Also, consider a cardio zone at the gym.

Swimming. Older people can definitely start their training at the pool. Most importantly, water allows maximum musculoskeletal system relaxation – there is no load shock like when jogging. Furthermore, axial road disappears also which is present when squatting.

Aerobics strengthens the cardiovascular system, water has a hydro-massage effect which is beneficial for blood vessels. This is essential if you are suffering from conditions like dilated veins, hypertension or hypotension.

Yoga. This old and unique art is perfect for improving deep muscle stabilizers (spinal muscular corset and muscles supporting joints), helps breathing which will ensure organ and tissue oxygenation and this will increase their performance.

Dancing. Perfect for improving movement and coordination. It also helps with the interface between the hemispheres of the brain, which begins to decrease with aging.

Gym training. You should not avoid functional training area which guarantees the strengthening of core muscles without using free weights. However, for beginners or older people, it is a better idea to train at the gym with supervision of a competent trainer.

If you want to stop aging now, you should focus on rehabilitating and strengthening type of training at the gym. Heavy weight training or weightlifting will hardly be beneficial.

The main point is – chose exercises which bring you joy. It is important to combine pleasure and benefit in physical fitness. This is the only way you will enjoy them and will do them regularly.

No matter if you do cardio or or strength training, you should perform them at an average pace, do not overdo it. The pace should be selected depending on your physical fitness level and health condition.

It is essential to consult a specialist before starting to exercise. Optimal training frequency for a beginner is usually 2-3 times a week. Your body must adapt to the training process and recover which will allow to reduce or even stop the process of aging.

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