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How to Shower Properly: 5 Most Common Mistakes When Showering

How to Shower Properly

Morning shower is a daily ritual which seems effortless. However, you might have heard about things like the water being too hot or showering for too long might be harmful for your skin. To avoid these problems, read further and learn how to shower properly.

1. Optimal water temperature when showering

There’s a crazy amount of steam rushing out of your bathroom after taking a shower? Looks like the water temperature was way too high. Hot water can evaporate the moisture from your skin which might result in your skin getting dry. You should also be aware of the fact that hot water washes away the protective fat layer on your skin and thus increases the blood flow to your skin. So after a hot shower your skin can become red, it can break out or it can peal off in certain places. 35 degrees Celsius is an optimum water temperature.

2. Do not shower for too long or for too short

For a lot of us, a morning shower is a way of waking up. Pleasant warm water running through our skin is tempting us to shower for a bit longer. However, the longer you shower, the more your skin can dry up. This can also cause more problems like skin peeling, redness, rashes. The optimum time for proper showering should be 7 minutes. Well, if sometimes you want to treat yourself, lets make it 10.

3. Only water is enough?

For some reason we tend to believe that the best shower products are ones that foam up the most. However, the truth is that, shower gels that foam up the most contain ingredients that are not very friendly for your skin. Sure these products wash away dirt very well but also they wash away the natural protective layer your skin has. You can get away with using only water to wash away dirt from your skin. If you do not want to give up shower gel products, you should chose more natural ones. If you do have a very dry skin, you should wash it with low pH soap or soap with a creamy texture. This cleanses and moisturizes your skin.

4. Where do you keep your shower sponge?

How often do you change your shower sponge? More importantly – where do you keep it? Usually, we keep our sponge in the bathroom. We use the shower and put it on the shelf. The next morning we use it again. However, be aware that the humidity is high in the shower room. Therefore your sponge is a great place for various bacteria. You should change your shower sponge once a month and you should keep it in a dry place each time after showering.

5. How to dry your skin?

Drying your skin correctly is as important as washing it correctly. A lot of us tend to go through this process as quickly as possible roughly scrubbing with a towel and trying to remove all of the moisture fast. The truth is that you should not scrub your skin but you should gently touch it with a towel which will absorb moisture. You shouldn’t completely dry your skin, leave it a little wet. Find yourself a few more minutes and spoil your skin with moisturizing cream.

Final words

Our skin is the biggest and one of the most precious organs of our body. Therefore, keeping it as healthy as possible is one of the biggest priorities. Take these 5 suggestions into consideration when figuring out how to shower properly. Your skin will thank you every day.

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