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Reasons Why You Feel Your Heartbeat: What Causes Heart Palpitations

Reasons Why You Feel Your Heartbeat

Usually we do not feel our heart. But when it is stressed we sometimes can feel our heartbeat. So, what causes the feeling of heart palpitations?

Heart palpitation intensifies when having a fewer, after a cup of coffee, after using alcohol, taking some cold medication (like cough and flu medicine), if you have food sensitivities, if you have an active thyroid or you have artery diseases.

Heart palpitations during workouts

If you have an unpleasant heart palpitation during your workouts, it means that your heart and lungs do not provide enough oxygen and micro nutrient-rich blood to your body. Properly selected aerobic exercises can increase your lung capacity and strengthen your heart. Before starting to workout regularly, consult with your physician, especially if you have risky blood vessel and heart conditions or you are overweight and a smoker.

Stress and heart palpitations

If you feel increased heartbeat during stress, perform relaxation exercises regularly and massages. Eat food products rich in folic acid, magnesium and vitamin B6 and B12. Such products are: meat, shellfish, beans, peas, dark green leafy vegetables, and grains.

How to reduce heart palpitations

Lose weight. Your heart will have less stress when you lose that excess fat which needs blood from your heart.

If you think you are sensitive to certain foods, try and figure out exactly which foods cause sensitivity and remove it from your diet. Drink chamomile or green tea before bed, they have a relaxing effect. Do not drink coffee or black tee before bed. If heart palpitations are cause by alcohol, stop using it.

Do not use herbal medicine for increased heart palpitations unless it is prescribed by your doctor. One of herbs that a doctor might prescribe is hawthorn which strengthens the heart muscle.

Use lavender, marjoram, lemon blossom oils. They have a calming effect. Put a few drops on a blanket, bring it close to your nose and breathe, or use an evaporator device. Rub your chest with two drops of lemon blossom oil.

Heart palpitations are often caused when your heart activity is increased or when irregular heartbeat occurs. Condition when you feel your heartbeat is not considered threatening and you do not need treatment. However, if you have symptoms like dizziness, heart palpitations are related to other diseases or you experience other conditions, you should get it checked out.

When to seek treatment for heart palpitations

You should seek medical attention when you feel your heartbeat and do not know the cause of it. When you start exercising and your pulse exceeds 140 beats per minute. When you want to start using herbal medicine for increased heart palpitations. Urgent medical attention is needed if you experience chest pain, weakness, dizziness, sudden changes in vision, vomiting, trouble breathing, when the heart beats very irregularly.

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