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Low Calorie Chocolate: How to Cut down on Calories Without Depriving Oneself of Chocolate

Things can be difficult for those who want to lose weight yet still eat well and not deprive themselves of their favorite snacks. For many people, chocolate is one of those things which makes life worth living! But there are low calorie versions if one looks carefully.

Low Calorie Chocolate Bars

Low Calorie Chocolate BarsSome chocolate bars are less fattening than others. Those with light fillings, such as Kit Kat, have less calories, yet are just as tasty. Cadbury’s and other manufacturers have been working on a low calorie chocolate bar for some years, so this could be in the shops quite soon. Dark chocolate is richer and more filling than the milk or white varieties, so it is possible to be satisfied with less of it…and therefore fewer calories.

Non-Fattening Chocolate Drinks

Non-Fattening Chocolate DrinksMany chocolate drinks designed for slimmers have only 35-40 calories, which is less than an apple! So it is possible to have a chocolate fix without completely breaking one’s diet. Or the dieter can simply sprinkle a little chocolate powder on top of coffee; it’ll taste very chocolaty for very few additional calories. It is also possible to buy chocolate flavored coffee beans; this is virtually no-calorie chocolate!

Chocolate Desserts with Less Calories

Chocolate Desserts with Less CaloriesIt is possible to buy low fat chocolate yoghurt and mousse, and both of these have very few calories. If making desserts oneself, there are many with chocolate but not too much cream or sugar, and these will be fairly low in calories. Mousse-like desserts, using egg whites, chocolate and very little sugar, are the best.

Chocolate Snacks Which Won’t Pile on the Pounds

Low Calorie Chocolate SnacksSome manufacturers make low calorie chocolate snacks, but check the figures, as some cost more, but are no lower in calories, that ordinary varieties. Among common chocolate snacks which are not fattening are Jaffa Cakes, which have only about 40 calories each. Some chocolate coated muesli bars are fairly low in calories, but one needs to check the figures; if they have a lot of nuts and other high calorie ingredients, the dieter might be as well off eating a chocolate bar in the first place!

No-Calorie Chocolate!

No-Calorie ChocolateIf the smell and taste of chocolate is enough to satisfy cravings, then the dieter can get chocolate flavored lip gloss. There are also various other beauty products such as soaps and bath oils which smell of chocolate. Of course, these have no calories at all. But sometimes they can just whet one’s appetite for more!

Losing weight is not easy, but hopefully these few ideas have proved that with care, dieting need not mean completely giving up one’s favorite foods. With a little care, one can eat chocolate and still lose weight.

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