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How to Lose Wight After Pregnancy Without Breastfeeding

How to Lose Wight After Pregnancy Without Breastfeeding

When it come to feeding babies, it is often said that ‘breast is best’. Not only is it healthy for baby, but it’s also good for mama. In regard to moms, breastfeeding is fantastic for weight loss after pregnancy, as it burns tons of calories. However, what about those mamas who can’t breastfeed or simply don’t want to?

If you’re a new mom who isn’t breastfeeding, whatever the reason, first, rest assured that you are doing what is right for you and your baby – and your baby is certainly getting all of the nutrients she needs from formula. However, you may be wondering how to lose weight after pregnancy naturally. Yes, new mama, there are plenty of ways that you can safely and naturally lose weight without having to starve yourself, take diet pills or excessively workout. Read on to find out how to lose weight after pregnancy without breastfeeding.

Stock Up on “Super Foods”

“Super foods” is the latest catchphrase in the health and fitness world, and for good reason; these foods are loaded with vital nutrients and healthy fats, but they are light on calories and will keep you fuller longer.

Examples of super foods include fish that is dense in omega-3 fatty acids, milk, yogurt, lean meats, beans, buts and leafy greens. Add these foods to your diet and you’re sure to start seeing a slimmer waistline.

Choose Drinks Wisely

Staying hydrated is important for so many reasons, including losing weight. Choose your drinks wisely, though. Skip those carbonated soft drinks and sugar laden sports drinks and teas and instead, opt for good old H2O. Water has absolutely no calories, is speeds up your metabolism, and it fills you up.

If drinking plain water isn’t your cup of, well, water, try infusing it with natural flavors. Berries, citrus fruits, cucumbers, ginger and peppermint will not only add some taste to your water, but they will also add vitamins, minerals and nutrients to it that are all good for weight loss.

Get Moving!

No, you don’t have to join a Pilates class or do intense cardio workouts to lose weight after you have a baby; in fact, you should avoid rigorous exercise in the first few months following delivery to allow your body to properly heal. However, you can still get moving without straining your body. Take the baby for walks around the neighborhood or take up yoga; these gentle exercises will kick start your metabolism, help you lose weight and will just make you feel good.

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