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Disadvantages of Prolonged Use of Low Fat Diets

What are the main disadvantages of prolonged use of low fat diets and what are the risks of low fat diets and symtoms

There are a lot of proclaimed low fat diet benefits like weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease and other. This has been a course of dietary government guidelines in the US which suggest that lowering fat intake will reduce the hazardous health risks. However, during recent years more and more nutrition scientists and experts started to propagate the idea that high fat diet affect the human body in a negative way.

There are lots of high protein and low fat diet plans popular today and the intake of fat is lowered to the critical rates. Some of them even suggest to completely remove fat intake from your diet which might be a risky thing to do.

Fat is one of the main macro nutrients which is involved in every cell in human body. Not to mention, fat is important for maintaining healthy hormone levels in the body.

Fat is very calorie dense macro nutrient and almost every cell in a human body can use fatty acids as an energy source. Fat is also essential for nervous system and brain. Also it is very important for skin and joint condition, thermoregulatory system. Furthermore, vitamins like A, D, E and K are soluble in fat, therefore it is crucial for many important bodily functions.

Disadvantages of Prolonged Use of Low Fat Diets

Here is some of the symptoms which are associated of prolonged use of low fat diets:

1. Constantly feeling hungry

If you are on a prolonged low fat diet you might get hungry really fast. After introducing more fats to your diet you should feel full for way longer.

2. Lack of energy

Diets which involve a lot of green vegetables and carbohydrate dense wheat with no fats might spike your blood sugars instantly. For example, if you include avocado, which is full of ‘good’ fats, it will slow down carbohydrate intake which will result in stable glucose levels. In essence, the lack of energy felt after consuming high sugar foods is a result of fluctuating blood sugar levels.

3. Dry and pale skin

If you experience dry and scaly skin or if it lost its’ shine, you should take a look of your fat intake. Low fat intake might be the reason for these symptoms. Fats are essential for keeping your skin hydrated.

4. Problems with vision

Omega-3 acid can be found in eye retina which is required for the proper functioning of your eyes. Fat is a great source of omega-3.

5. Increased sensitivity

This has also something to do with the lack of omega-3 acid. If you often feel irritated or strained, you might have a deficiency of omega-3.

6. Painful joints

Fats are found in skin layer, they maintain and protect various body parts. They are also found around joints, soles, hands, feet, buttocks. They are like cushions that protect from outside pressure.

7. Vitamin deficiency

Lack of fats might result in lack of important vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K. Prolonged use of low fat diets might be the reason why these vitamins are lacking. They are important for metabolism and their shortage might result in various diseases and conditions.

8. Hormone imbalance

Fats are hugely important in maintaining good hormone balance, especially in women and their ovaries. Ovaries manufacture predecessors of sexual hormones which later turn into sexual hormones. Therefore, it is best that women maintain at least 17% of body fat.

9. Bad memory

Fats are like fuel to the brain. The most important way of having good brain activity is omega-3 acid. This fatty acid can be found in fish oil, nuts, sunflower seeds, avocado.

If you experience a variety of these symptoms these might indicate that you are experiencing disadvantages of prolonged use of low fat diets. Fat should take up to 25-30 percent of your daily macro nutrition goals. Some of the best sources of fats are: olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, fish, nuts, coconut milk, avocado, seeds.

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