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Best Vertical Climber Machine: Top 5 Picks of 2018

best vertical climber

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a piece of fitness equipment that’s going to help you lose weight, tone up, or build muscle mass – and potentially even help you train your body to climb more effectively (critically important for rock climbers and hiking enthusiasts) – finding the best vertical climber on the market today is nowhere near as easy as it probably could or should be.

It’s not there only a limited amount of options to pick from that makes choosing a new vertical climber so difficult, either. It’s that there are so many worthy of your time and your money!

To get your hands on the best vertical climber machine, you need to pay close attention to the reviews, the special features that one option offers that another may not, the overall build quality, and the value for your money rather than just the price tag alone.

Check out all of these quick vertical climber reviews below (representing five of the best options on the market today) and you’ll find getting your hands on the best vertical climber becomes a whole lot easier!

Top 5 Best Vertical Climber Machines of 2018

5 Best Vertical Climber Machines
Maxi ClimberBest Vertical Climber Machine Reviews57” L X 10” W 6” H
Read Review
Conquer Vertical ClimberBest Vertical Climber Reviews36,5” L X 27,5” W X 78” H
Read Review
Merax Vertical ClimberBest Vertical Climber Machine Reviews35,8” L X 27.2” W X 62,4” H
Read Review
Relife Sports Vertical Climber
Best Vertical Climbers Reviews37,5” L X 28” W X 85” H
Read Review
Body Champ BCR890 Vertical ClimberBest Vertical Climber Reviews40,6” L X 42” X W X 87” H
Read Review

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Machine Review

Best Climber Machine ReviewsPerhaps the most popular of all the vertical climber options out there on the market today, the Maxi Climber is incredibly lightweight, very compact, and designed and engineered to last years and years – even if you plan on using your climber every single day.

This particular option features isometric grips that allow you to comfortably and securely step onto the climber and pull down the attachments, guaranteeing that the entire motion is ultra smooth while helping you to bring the “groove” your form at the same time.

You’ll be able to get the highest quality work out possible with this kind of approach, slamming your target muscle groups, activating your central nervous system, and spurring on the growth of your muscles while melting fat all at the exact same time!

Ultra stable, even when you really start to rock and roll in the middle of an intense workout, the unique engineering of the stabilizer legs and the heavy-duty construction material and hardware used guarantee that you don’t have to worry about tipping over when you are in the middle of a workout.

Best Vertical Climber Machine ReviewsOf course, because of the smart design of this platform, you’ll be able to break it down with no trouble at all – literally folding it up for effortless storage but still being able to pull it out of storage and have it ready to go in about 30 seconds or less!

Unlike some of the other vertical climber options on the market right now, the Maxi Climber utilizes your own body weight for resistance. This keeps the impact on your lower body low while still giving your major muscle groups and stabilizer muscles a powerful and effective workout, helping to tone and tighten your body while triggering weight loss and muscle growth across the board.

There’s a reason why so many people consider this to be the best vertical climber machine on the market today – and you’ll think so too when you see its low price point!

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Conquer Vertical Climber Machine Review

Best Vertical Climber Machine ReviewsAnother of the more popular contenders for the title of “best vertical climber”, the overwhelming majority of the vertical climber reviews out there about this option are glowingly positive.

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that this piece of fitness equipment is effortless to assemble and put together, giving you the ability to get in a workout with your new climber the very same day you get your hands on it.

Relatively compact (for a full-size vertical climber, that is), it’s adjustability allows you to customize the height of the climbing mechanism itself so that anyone between 4’8” tall and 6’6” tall have absolutely no trouble whatsoever using it.

Best Vertical Climber MachineMost folks find the Conquer Vertical Climber incredibly comfortable, with ergonomics on full display (but particularly with the hand grasps). This intelligent design will allow you to go full bore with all of your vertical climber workouts without having to worry about slipping off of the hand grabs or your feet coming off of the pedals – something that can happen with some of the other climber options.

Manufactured entirely out of high quality construction materials (using lightweight tubular steel and aluminum alloy products everywhere possible), this Conquer Vertical Climber has a very high strength to weight ratio that makes it easy to fold up and store, maneuver around any space, and still be able to rely and depend on this climber for years and years to come.

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Merax Vertical Climber Machine Review

The kind of top-notch vertical climber capable of giving you the full body workout you are looking for, regardless of whether or not that workout is more casual and fitness focused or if that workout is more intense and something designed specifically for weight loss or muscle building.

A contender for the title of the best vertical climber machine, this is the exact same kind of climber you would find in fitness centers, high-end gyms, and luxury spas all over the world – but it isn’t going to threaten to break your bank account into tiny little pieces when you choose to add the Merax Vertical Climber to your home fitness center or living room!

You are going to be able to blast your arms, your shoulders, your core, and all of your leg muscles at the exact same time (triggering a central nervous response that’s going to make weight loss and muscle building effortless), but you’re also going to get in a world-class cardio exercise at the exact same time.

This double whammy is tough to beat!

Manufactured entirely out of a durable tubular steel frame that remains lightweight without sacrificing any strength, the Merax Vertical Climber will give you a lot of confidence to use it day in and day out without any limitation. This is the kind of fitness equipment you’ll be able to use for years and years to come without any slowdown or degradation.

Adjustable in so many different ways, you’ll be able to completely tailor the fitness experience from this climbing machine to meet your physiological needs as well as your fitness goals. You’ll be able to tinker with the adjustments to find something that is both comfortable to use but challenging to your muscle groups, giving you that incredible workout you deserve.

Nonslip grips are attached to both the hands and feet portions of this vertical climber, so you won’t have to worry about sweating during a more intense workout and finding yourself slipping off of this piece of fitness equipment. Instead, you’ll find the surface to be incredibly grippy no matter what – and some even feel that the grip on this Merax Vertical Climber improves when it gets a little slick from sweat.

A trusted name in the world of fitness equipment, you really can’t go wrong choosing the Merax Vertical Climber as the best vertical climber on the market. Especially with so many positive vertical climber reviews out there that agree!

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Relife Sports Vertical Climber Review

Best Vertical Climber MachineThe Relife Sports Vertical Climber is the kind of fitness equipment you’re going to fall in love with almost immediately, a piece of fitness equipment that’s going to challenge you, challenge your fitness, and improve your health, well-being, and the way you look and feel all at the same time about 15 minutes after you first pull it out of the box.

Set up and installation of this top vertical climber option is about as easy and as effortless as it gets, especially thanks to the fact that the folks behind the Relife Sports Vertical Climber include all of the tools you need to put this unit together successfully. Plenty of YouTube videos exist to help you put the pieces together if you’re looking for a bit of help, but the included instructional manual is illustrated and includes simple, clear, and easy to follow directions that should give you any trouble at all.

Best Vertical Climber Machine ReviewAnother of the best climber machine options made out of square tubular steel to improve the stability, the strength, and the durability of this piece of fitness equipment that is expecting to be used rather intensely without becoming too bulky, too heavy, or too unwieldy, you just can’t go wrong with the Relife Sports Vertical Climber.

Adjustable to five different levels that allow you to pick and choose the intensity of the workout you are after – ranging from more casual, cardio focused exercises to more grueling and intense fat burning and muscle building exercises (with numerous stops between those two extremes) you won’t have any trouble dialing this fitness equipment into your specific goals and really rocking and rolling.

The unit folds up compactly for easy storage but can be unfolded and ready to go again in just seconds. It also utilizes hardware that prevents this unit from folding up in the middle of a workout, guaranteeing that you won’t ever have to worry about your safety or your security while using this climber – regardless of how intense you are really getting after things.

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Body Champ BCR890 Vertical Climber Review

Best Vertical Climber Machine ReviewProbably one of the most affordable of all the best vertical climber options money can buy right now, as well as one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment you’ll find on the market today, the Body Champ BCR890 Vertical Climber isn’t just a vertical climber but is also a stair machine, a stationary bike replacement, and a fitness solution that can be used for cardio, fat burning, or serious muscle and strength building routines.

To say that the Body Champ BCR890 Vertical Climber is a game changer would be selling it short!

On top of the fitness solutions that the Body Champ BCR890 Vertical Climber itself offers, you’re also going to be able to take advantage of the bungee suspension system built right into this platform to provide you with extra resistance without putting a lot of stress on your bones, your joints, your muscles, and your tendons.

You’ll be able to move through workouts anymore plyometric fashion, challenging your body to become stronger, to improve your endurance, and to grow but you won’t have to worry about elevated levels of risk or injury at the same time.

This really represents the best of both worlds.

Best Vertical Climber MachineThe machine is made to last and last, taking advantage of tubular steel construction like almost all of the other best vertical climber machine options money can buy (as well as all of the other options on this quick list). You’ll be able to use the Body Champ BCR890 Vertical Climber for decades without any degradation, without having to worry about it failing you, and without having to worry about it falling apart at the seams even if you use it on a daily basis.

Assembly is effortless, though you also have the opportunity to purchase the Body Champ BCR890 Vertical Climber completely assembled when it arrives at your doorstep – saving you time, energy, effort, and letting you get in a workout just as quickly as humanly possible.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, there are a couple of different things you are going to want to look into when you’re getting ready to purchase a vertical climber exercise machine.

You’ll want to make sure that you are covering all of your bases when it comes to:

  • The infinite adjustability to dial in the perfect workout for your physiology and your goals
  • The right size to fit the space that you have available to work out as well as the size you have for storage
  • The build quality of the equipment so that you can depend on using this machine for years and years to come
  • And the overall price and value of your best vertical climber option so that you get the most bang for your buck

Armed with those insights, as well as the research and due diligence that we’ve helped you out with above, you shouldn’t have any difficulty whatsoever getting your hands on the best vertical climbing machine for your needs, your goals, and your budget.

Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself leaving your own glowingly positive vertical climber reviews shortly after trying out your new piece of fitness equipment for yourself and seeing the results it’s capable of firsthand!

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