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Best Home Treadmill for Walking In 2018 – Top 5

Best Home Treadmill for Walking

Many people assume that treadmills are designed purely for running and while they do offer a fantastic indoor alternative for runners, they can also provide an amazingly good body conditioning walking experience.

Both forms of cardio are very good for the body and for helping get into and stay in shape. However, there are definitely distinct advantages of using a treadmill for walking, which has been broken down into separate categories below. So If you are looking for the best home treadmill for walking, then read on.

Benefits of Getting the Best Treadmill for Walking

Walking Allows You To Go Further

It is no surprise that those who perform walking as a form of exercise instead of running can go much further and for much longer. When you run, your body will burn recently eaten foods as its main source of energy. This will only last a certain amount of time before the energy stores are depleted and you are faced with an energy crash. As running consumes more energy in the short term, you will find that you will be out of energy and at your limit in a shorter amount of time.

Walking, on the other hand, makes use of a combination of available energy from food along with body fat reserves.  This means that you get a steady and consistent supply of energy during your walking exercise. As you don’t exhaust your energy supplies quickly, you are able to go much further and for extended periods of time.

While running may burn more calories upfront, walking burns more overall calories as you are able to enjoy it without exhaustion.

You Avoid The Dangers Of outdoors

When exercising outdoors you will be faced with many obstacles, which could end up resulting in injury. For a start, the ground surface outdoors can be unpredictable and uneven, which could lead to falls. You also have another obstacle in the way, such as other pedestrians, trash can, litter, and kerbsides. If you are forced to walk on the road, then other dangers such as vehicles and cyclists can become a potential issue.

Using a treadmill to walk at home can eliminate all of these dangers and make the experience a safe and straightforward one. You will be provided with a perfectly level surface, which has been optimized to be friendly on the joints and tendons and also is able to walk in peace.

You Can exercise In All Weather Conditions

The weather is a vital player in when and how often we are able to get outside and walk. If it is raining, snowing, or even too hot, it can become the main reason as to why walking is postponed or avoided. Luckily, the weather bears no effect on the inside of the home, so being able to put on your walking shoes, turn on the treadmill and walk to your heart’s content becomes a real possibility. It also offers up the convenience of being able to walk at any point during the day or night, and even in front of your TV if you want to have a Netflix marathon while doing it.

You Avoid Traffic And Industrial Pollutants

As touched on above, not everyone is able to walk in the countryside or away from the streets. Traffic can be a danger to anyone walking on the road, but aside from that, the pollution that is emitted from vehicles is really quite damaging. In fact, walking for 20-minutes down a busy road can provide you with the same levels of carbon monoxide and pollution as smoking 2 cigarettes do. By walking on a treadmill indoors, you are taking yourself out of the pollution equation and can enjoy a cleaner and more pure standard of air, which is good for both body and mind. The convenience a treadmill for walking at home affords the user is also a great selling point and one which is ideal for those who do not have the time nor freedom to be able to go for a walk outdoors when the mood takes them.

Best Home Treadmill for Walking In 2018 Reviews

This article is going to run through 5 of the best treadmills, which are ideally suited for walking at home. Depending on your requirements and space available, you may appreciate a quiet walking treadmill, or perhaps you are looking for the best compact treadmill for walking. Regardless of what you are looking for, below you will get to find out more about the five best treadmills of 2018.

Best 5 Treadmills for Walking In 2018
NameAssembled DimensionsReviewsPrice
GoPlus Electric Treadmill With DeskBest Walking Treadmills
63” L X 29” W 46” H
Read Review
GoPlus Walking TreadmillBest Walking Treadmills56” L X 26” W X 44” H
Read Review
EFITMENT Slimline TreadmillBest Walking Treadmills57” L X 27.6” W X 46” H
Read Review
Body Solid Endurance Walking Treadmill
Best Walking Treadmills77” L X 29.5” 29.5” W X 53.5” H
Read Review
Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual TreadmillBest Walking Treadmills77” L X 47.2” X 19.1” W X 52” H
Read Review

GoPlus Electric Treadmill With Desk Review

Best Walking Treadmills for HomeThe Goplus electric treadmill is a fantastic option for those who like to be busy or entertained when walking. It allows you to walk and work on the go, which means that you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

The treadmill and desk fit together seamlessly. There are all of the basic functions as is standard with most treadmills today. The large LCD screen display makes selecting your mode a cinch, and you have the choice between automatic mode or manually adjusted mode.

It comes in 2 boxes, one with the desk and one with the treadmill. Assembly is very easy and takes moments to do.

If you are looking for a treadmill which is compact and offers quiet exercise, then this treadmill will be the ideal choice for your needs. The fact that it allows you to work or watch a movie on your tablet or laptop while walking makes it a great choice for professionals and students.

Features Include:

  • LED screen with time, speed, calories, and distance modes.
  • Built in desk for placing a laptop for work or entertainment.
  • Compact at just 63” L X 29” W and a desk height of 39 – 46”.
  • Offers a quiet way to workout at home with ease.

best home treadmill for walking

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GoPlus Walking Treadmill For Seniors

best home treadmill for walkingAnother fantastic treadmill from GoPlus, which has been created with the elderly and seniors in mind. While most other brands focus on the young and active generations, this treadmill is the ideal choice for those who are looking to increase their mobility and keep their health in good order.

The GoPlus Senior walking treadmill comes with 2 extra-long support arms. They are foam protected and offer support while using the machine. They also help prevent any trips or falls when in use, and when combined with the safety key, optimal safety is achieved.

The safety key will cut power to the treadmill should it become dislodged. Because of this the treadmill can be used for safe and enjoyable walking at home.

Features Include:

  • Safety Key and auto cut-off if a trip or fall occurs.
  • Sturdy walking surface limits shaking and vibrations.
  • Compact at just 56” L X 26” W X 44” H.
  • Designed with the elderly and infirm in mind.
  • Offers a quiet way to workout at home with ease.

best home treadmill for walking

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EFITMENT Slimline Treadmill With Bluetooth

This modern yet compact treadmill combines the ease and convenience of being slimline and easy to fold away. It is also packed with modern technology such as Bluetooth health monitor attachments, stereo speakers and a well designed LED backlit screen.

In total, there are 9 different cardio program settings, which range from a gentle walk to a 7.5mph run. You will also discover the benefits of shock absorbing cushions. They will help prevent vibrations and compression of the joints when walking or running.

The built-in Bluetooth and stereo speakers allow you to connect your phone to the treadmill wirelessly and stream your favorite tracks. There is also a phone and table holder, so you can catch up on some of your favorite movies or TV shows while walking.

Features Include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity, stereo speakers, and phone/tablet holder.
  • (Body Mass Index) Technology keeps track of your progress.
  • Compact at just 57” L X 27.6” W X 46” H.
  • To fold and unfold for easy out of the way storage.
  • To floor running belt makes it easy to get on and off of.

best home treadmill for walking

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Body Solid Endurance Walking Treadmill

best home treadmill for walkingFor those who are looking for a solid and well-designed treadmill, which has been stripped back and created for endurance walking only, then this is one of the very best treadmills you will find.

Many modern walking treadmills come loaded with fancy extras. However, Body-solid has removed all but the most important aspects of a treadmill and focussed more on making a robust and targeted walking machine. The treadmill comes with an orthopaedic belt, which makes walking a much more comfortable experience.

There are also 2 full length, cushioned handrails and a super-sized LED display which focuses on time, heart rate and distance.

Features Include:

  • Comes with a built-in safety chord to cut power automatically.
  • Orthopedic treadmill belt provides support during exercise.
  • Compact at just 77” L X 29.5” 29.5” W X 53.5” H.
  • Full-length handrails to assist with walking and stability.
  • Created with increasing walking endurance over time.

best home treadmill for walking

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Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

best home treadmill for walkingIf you are looking for an economical treadmill, which offers an electricity-free and very quiet walking experience, then the Confidence Fitness walking Treadmill will cater to all of your needs.

The treadmill is powered by magnetism and gravity, so you bypass all of the noise and added extra cost associated with using an electric motor. The treadmill is incredibly compact and can be folded away when not in use. This is ideal for those with limited space or living in an apartment.

All of the usual features, such as distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned are included in the LCD display. The treadmill is cost effective and suitable for nearly all types of budget while offering the ability and convenience of indoor walking at home.

Features Include:

  • Fixed mild incline with a choice of 8 intensities while walking.
  • The ability to be folded away for storage and space saving.
  • Compact at just 77” L X 47.2” X 19.1” W X 52” H.
  • Very quiet when being used due to the lack of an electric motor.
  • On the lower end of the price range and ideal for low budgets.

best home treadmill for walking

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Final thoughts

So, there you have it. 5 of the very best home treadmills for walking of 2018 for different budgets and requirements. While many of these are also great for running and jogging, they have been selected due to their high level of flexibility for those looking for a treadmill for home walking. Hopefully, one of these will be the perfect fit for you and your home. Also, it will enable you to increase the amount of gentle cardio exercise you perform each day.

Unlike other review articles, this one has tried to encompass a wide range of people and fitness levels. Ranging from the young and active to those who are elderly or suffering from mobility issues. This opens up the possibilities of discovering a treadmill for walking at home to a wider audience and inclusive of all.

It may seem like a better choice to get up and go for a walk outside, and in certain cases, this may well be the case. However, for the majority of people, being able to perform some gentle walking in the comfort of their own home will prove to be invaluable.

This is especially true when it comes to stay at home mothers or fathers, the elderly, and those who live in busy and congested towns and cities. Walking is a fantastic way to provide all over conditioning to the body while also increasing strength, endurance and flexibility.

So whether you are searching for a compact home walking treadmill, a quite walking treadmill, or a motorized treadmill for walking at home, the above 5 choices will have you covered. The best part is that all of these are available online for home delivery and take just moments to set up and install.

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