5 Best Spin Bikes of 2018 Buying Guide

Best Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are a hot trend right now. Lots of people love taking spinning classes and they often want to get the same type of experience when they are working out at home. If you’re interested in finding the best spin bikes, you should know that it’s possible to find a best spin bike under 500 bucks. It’s nice to know that you won’t need to spend a fortune to buy the best spin bikes for home.

Today, we’re going to let you know what makes these types of bikes different from other stationery bicycles. As well, we want to share information about five of the best spin bikes on the market. All of them are easy to find at and may also be available via other online retailers.

What Is a Spin Bike, Anyway?

This type of stationery bike for home usage features “fixed wheel” design. It’s easier to develop a perfect pedaling style (and get a great cardiovascular workout) with this type of bike. As well, most spin bikes come with options which are very adjustable! For example, with a spin bike, you’ll be able to adjust the height of the handlebars and the seat. You’ll also be able to adjust reach. Also, these bikes tend to have seats which are very similar to those of road bikes. The key advantage of spin bikes is that they have flywheels which are weighted. The flywheels keep the pedals going.

Riding a new stationery spin bike at home will be a great way to tone your muscles, burn calories and get the “spin class” feeling, without needing to spend a lot of money on spin classes. Some people take spin classes and also use their spin bikes at home. Others purchase these bikes so that they won’t need to pay for spin classes anymore.

No matter why you want one or how you plan to use it, you’ll find that that our five picks feature wonderful quality, comfort and performance.

How to Choose the Best Spin Bike?

When looking to buy the best spin bike, first you should go through a couple of details to make the best purchase possible. Here are a few tips that will help you buy the best spin bike:

Decide which type of spin bike you want to buy

There are variety of spin bikes available for purchase. The key difference of all of them are some of the following:

  • Flywheel weight – it’s a wheel that moves when you pedal. Different models have different flywheel weights. If you want a spinning bike for home, focus on bikes that have flywheel weight between 44 and 48 lbs. We do not recommend bikes that have flywheel weight below 35 lbs.
  • Frame – a good frame should be sturdy and strong. It is hard to pinpoint whether the bike has a good frame if you are buying over the internet. However, spin bikes that are listed on our website have strong and reliable frames.
  • Resistance – most of spin bikes have the following resistance systems: electromagnetic, cable, manual screw, magnetic. While most of them perform well, you should consider this when buying a best spin bike.
  • Display – it is very convenient to have a LCD display on the spin bike. Most of the best spin bike models do have this installed. The LCD display is convenient because it shows distance covered, calories burned and many other useful options. 
  • Brakes – usually spin bikes are equipped with the following braking systems: brake pads, magnetic braking. Usually all of them perform great.

Assess your dedication

Think of how much you are willing to dedicate on your spin workouts. If you are going to dive in to exercising with spin bikes with lots of motivation, choose a more high-end spin bike with more features and reliability. Go for cheaper models if you want to cycle part time.

Set your price range

Most of best spin bikes for home use are in a price range of $250 – $500. Decide how much you are willing and able to spend for your new purchase. Think of this as an investment into your health and well being. If you spend more on your spin bike, it might give you a better incentive to dedicate more of your time and exercise harder and more frequently.

Five Best Spin Bikes for Home Use

NameMaximum User WeightDimensions (W x H x D) InchesLCD MonitorPrice
NexHT Spin BikeBest Spin Bikes for Home Use280 lbs40 x 21 x 41Yes
XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40Best Spin Bikes320 lbs42 x 22 x 44Yes
URSTAR Spin BikeBest Spin Bike Reivews250 lbs41.8 x 22.1 x 45.7Yes
Spinner S7 Indoor Spin BikeBest Spin Bikes for Home Reviews250 lbs43 x 18 x 27No
Harison Spin Bike for HomeBest Spin Bike Reviews265 lbs47 x 25 x 44No

1. NexHT Spin Bike – Perfect for home usage

Best Spin BikesThis popular spin bike is perfect for home usage. It’s designed to help you become your sleekest and sexiest self! When you use it regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy better circulation. You’ll also speed up your body’s metabolic rate. This health-boosting spin bike will tone your muscles and help you to burn lots of calories. Also, you’ll find that cycling on this spin bike is a great stress management method!

This spin bike comes from Inland Products Incorporated. This company has been offering fitness machines and other products to consumers for twenty-eight years. Clearly, this brand is really established and this is good news. It’s always better to buy from a company which has a long history.

We trust this brand and believe that the NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle Bike has tons of great features, in addition to superb construction.

In terms of technical specifications, this bike is crafted with rugged plastic and super-strong steel which is solid. It comes with transport wheels, so moving it from place to place will be a simple and fast process. As well, like all of the best spin bikes, it has adjustable handlebars and an adjustable seat. You’ll find that it’s simple to make adjustments which promote superior comfort during workouts.

Best Spin BikesOne impressive feature of this spin bike for home is its belt drive mechanism. It’s designed to offer the ultimate in smooth performance. As well, this unit has resistance which is adjustable. Choose your preferred level of resistance in order to customize each and every training session.

The flywheel of this model weighs in at 24.3 pounds. This bike is suitable for anyone who weighs two hundred and eighty pounds or less. As well, each bike comes with a liquid crystal display function which shows a host of fitness data. With this model, you’ll have no trouble tracking hand pulse, RPM, distance, calories, scan and time.

When you order, you’ll receive the bike, plus a monitor and toolkit. As well, you’ll get a plastic foot set and an Owner’s Manual.

Available for a very reasonable price, this high-quality spin bike is one of the best spin bike designs for home workouts.

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2. XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40 – Great looks and quality

This attractive spin bike has a black finish with lime-green accents. It looks sporty and modern, so you’ll probably be very pleased with its appearance. However, a nice design and cool paint job aren’t all that it has to offer. This best spin bike for home usage comes with a flywheel which weighs forty pounds. The flywheel contributes to impressive stability. As well, it allows riders to gain plenty of momentum during workouts.

This stationery spin bike features a felt brake pad resistance system for up to sixty-four pounds to the flywheel. In addition, it comes with a liquid crystal display monitor which shows the user how fast he or she is biking…and also displays time information. In addition, this convenient and practical LCD display panel tracks calories, scan and distance.

If you weigh three hundred and twenty pounds or less, you’ll find that this bike is suitable for you. Anyone who weighs more should look for another model. This spin bike is forty-two inches in length, forty-four inches in height and twenty-two inches in width.

If you want a rugged and durable spin bike which looks great and has all of the right features, we think that you should put this affordable design on your short list. XtremepowerUS is a company which is renowned for producing affordable, high-quality fitness machines, as well as garden accessories and hoverboards. It’s a company which is respected and its XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40 Exercise Bike is designed to be a low-maintenance, fun fitness machine which makes it easy to become fit or maintain fitness.

With this good-looking spin bike, you’ll be able to enjoy an authentic spin experience, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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3. URSTAR Spin Bike – Affordable with great design and features

Another super-affordable spin bike to consider is this design from URSTAR. It’s got all of the best spin bike features, including a seat which is adjustable and a handlebar which adjusts. This bike will work well for you no matter what body type you have! In addition to great adjustable features, this best spin bike has a wonderful display panel. It’s an LCD display screen which shows a host of important fitness data. Just glance at the screen in order to see data for calories burned, distance, pulse, speed and time.

This model comes with transportation wheels, so you’ll find that it’s simple to relocate your spin bike when the urge strikes. As well, it comes with a water bottle that matches the spin bike, as well as a mat which features non-slip design. This bike will be a fine choice if you weigh two hundred and fifty pounds or less. Also, you’re bound to appreciate its quiet performance. Some spin bikes are really noisy. This one is different. It’s nice to find a spin bike that doesn’t generate plenty of annoying noise while it’s being ridden, especially if you enjoy listening to tunes while you ride.

This bike offers quite a few advantages for a reasonable price and it looks nice as well. It has a fresh, white finish with a black handlebar and flywheel and some attractive, lime-green accents elsewhere on the bike (including the back of the seat). We actually think that this bike looks a lot more expensive than it is. A black model is also available, if you prefer a spin bike with a darker look.

This spin bike is made from tube and steel and it has a belt transmission system. The dimensions of this model are 41.6 inches in length by 22 inches in width by 7 inches in height. The bike weighs just under seventy-three pounds. Its flywheel has a weight of 28.6 pounds. As long as you weigh two hundred and fifty pounds or less, you’ll find that this bike can handle your weight.

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4. Spinner S7 Indoor Spin Bike – Recreates authentic riding experience

This high-quality spin bike is designed to offer riders authentic riding experiences…as well as superior workouts. If you want a bike with a sleek and strong titanium finish and genuine leather brake pads which contribute to great feel (while also being very long-lasting), then you’ll love what the Spinner S7 has to offer. When you order this model, you’ll be selecting one of the best spin bikes out there. This bike has plenty of sensible features, including a “push to stop” resistance knob. The knob has a grip with dual density and also includes graphics which are molded. As well, we love the saddle on this spin bike. Its wide and padded enough to provide premium comfort. It’s also a very balanced saddle.

This bike definitely has a lot of features of stationery bikes in gyms. Most people who order it online are extremely happy with it. We took a look at the reviews for this model and many customers talked about the smooth ride that it provides, as well as how easy it is to put together. Most spin bikes do require assembly, so it’s nice to know that putting together this model isn’t an exercise in frustration!

The bike is an updated version, so it will come with holders for water bottles, as well as pedals which are SPD-compatible. The pedals will allow you to wear athletic shoes or cycling shoes. The flywheel on this design weighs thirty-five pounds. The overall weight of this bike is one hundred pounds.

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5. Harison Spin Bike for Home – Good value for money

The last of our top five best spin bikes for home features a flywheel which weighs twenty-nine pounds. This bike will handle weight up to two hundred and sixty-five pounds. The dimensions of this spin bike are forty-seven inches in width by twenty-five inches in height by forty-four inches in depth. While it does come with a handy iPad holder, the iPad itself will not be included with purchase.

When you choose this reasonably-priced model, you’ll get plenty of value for the money. This machine features a display which tracks distance, RPM, ODO, scan, speed, time and pulse. As well, this bike has a great belt drive mechanism which ensures quiet and smooth performance.

This iPod-friendly spin bike has handlebars which may be adjusted in upward and downward directions. As well, the handlebars are ergonomic, so they are very comfortable to use. Just add a tablet or book to the “iPad” area in order to stimulate your mind as you work out your body.

Also, you’ll love how easy it is to adjust intensity with this model. It has a tension knob that it so easy to use. Just twist the knob in order to customize resistance for each workout.

The seat of this attractive spin bike also adjusts. The seat is made from genuine leather and you may move it back and forward (or up and down). Adjust the seat for perfect fit. This feature will help you to enjoy the most comfortable ride possible.

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Choose a New Spin Bike Today

You deserve exceptional quality that doesn’t cost a bundle. When you select one of the 5 best spin bikes of 2018, you’ll access an affordable fitness machine which is right on-trend. Whether you’re a long-time spinning fan or a newbie, you’ll love the way that spinning feels, as well as what it does for your health and muscle tone.

Working out from home is super-convenient. You may shower in your own bathroom afterwards and you won’t need to worry about lockers, gym bags and crowds. As well, buying your own spin bike for home usage will allow you to save money. The spin bike will save you big bucks on the cost of spin classes!

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