Best Recumbent Exercise Bike: Top 5 Reviews

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Are you considering purchasing a recumbent exercise bike for your home? If you are, you’re making a smart decision! There are so many great models out there in the marketplace. The key to finding the best recumbent exercise bike that is right for you is reading our practical reviews and comparisons today.

We’re going to look at the best recumbent bike styles from leading manufacturers and talk then about their key features and benefits.

When you read these helpful reviews, you’ll find that comparing brands, features and benefits is simple! Our best recumbent exercise bike review information will point you towards a new stationery bicycle that is perfect for your needs.

Why Choose a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

These bikes are sensible choices and they are fun and comfortable to ride. When you go for a recumbent style, you’ll minimize or eliminate the risk of injuries which might happen while you ride an exercise bike of the upright style. The recumbent seat is positioned in order to promote ideal spinal alignment during rides. It will support your back as you work out.

Also, this type of bike is a good choice if you want to enjoy cardio exercise which boosts your heart rate and burns calories. You’ll find that toning your butt and legs is so easy, as long as you ride your recumbent exercise bike regularly!

If you want to give your arms more of a workout while you ride, you may take your hands off of the handlebars and use light dumbbells as you ride. Another option is doing arm movements, such as arm raises, as you pedal. There are ways to get a full-body workout while riding a recumbent bike.

5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Comparison Table

NameMaximum User WeightDimensions (W x H x D) InchesLCD MonitorPrice
Schwinn 270300 lbs64 x 27.7 x 49.9Yes
Marcy ME 709300 lbs55.5 x 25 x 37.5Yes
Kettler GIRO R285 lbs68 x 32 x 35Yes
NordicTrack GX 4.7300 lbs57 x 26 x 50Yes
ProForm 740 ES350 lbs60 x 15 x 25Yes

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review – Bang for the buck

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike ReviewOur number one pick gets great reviews and it’s not too expensive. When you choose this popular model, which comes from trusted manufacturer, Schwinn, you’ll enjoy plenty of sensible features. For example, this model has a dual-track, 2 LCD window system which will give you the power to track thirteen different types of fitness data. As well, you’ll be able to utilize Schwinn Connect in order to export data, track your fitness goals and monitor your progress.

This recumbent stationery bicycle features twenty-nine programs, four user settings and goal tracking. You’ll find that having so many programs and user settings to choose from keeps exercise fun. As well, the goal tracking feature will help you to keep your motivation up. This bike comes with twenty-five levels of resistance and it’s equipped with a high inertia, high-speed flywheel which is weighted. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike ReviewThe flywheel is of superb quality and it will ensure quiet, smooth performance, day in and day out.

As well, this bike comes with a USB port for charging, as well as a data exchange system.

Clearly, this model offers a lot of bang for the buck. Customers who’ve purchased this model love its stability. Although it’s not a high-end model, it doesn’t move around while it’s being ridden. It feels more expensive than it is. Also, it is equipped with six LED tracking lights and has acoustic speakers which are sealed and offer great sound. It’s fun to listen to music while exercising indoors, so we think that these speakers are a big plus!

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

2. Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review – Cheap but with lots of features

Marcy ME 709 ReviewIf you want an affordable recumbent exercise bike, you’ll find that this one is a great choice. It’s really cheap to buy, but does have some features that you wouldn’t expect to find on such an inexpensive model. For example, it comes with eight resistance levels. This variety of resistance levels will make it easy for you to change up your workouts. If you’re new to working out, start with a lighter level of resistance. Then, build up your strength by riding your bike a lot. Once you’re stronger, turn up the resistance in order to make your workouts more challenging. This bike will give you choices and this is a good thing.

Some inexpensive stationery bikes don’t have more than a couple of resistance levels. We like the fact that this bike has more.

Other benefits of choosing the Marcy ME 709 include access to solid, fourteen-gauge steel construction and convenient, step-through design. This recumbent bike has a finish which is powder-coated. Powder-coated finishes stand up to regular usage very well. They are quite durable. The step-through feature means that it’s easy to mount and dismount. You’ll be able to get on and off this bike without straining your back or knees.

Marcy ME 709 ReviewAs well, this unit’s LCD display screen is very functional. It’s an odometer and it also tracks calories burned, speed, distance and time. The readout features big numbers, so it’s easy to see. This bike also has a comfy seat which features ergonomic design. The saddle has been constructed with foam of high density, which supports the arms and back. The saddle will help you to keep your form ideal as you train. Proper form is really the key to a great workout and it’s nice that this bike makes proper form easier to achieve.

One other advantage of this model is its counterbalanced pedals. They are weighted in order to provide the perfect level of support to feet, as well as a high level of pedaling control. Adjust the foot straps for the most comfortable fit.

Check best price for Marcy ME 709

Marcy ME 709 Review

3. Kettler GIRO R Recumbent Exercise Bike Review – More expensive but built to last

Kettler GIRO R Recumbent Exercise Bike ReviewKettler is a German manufacturer of fitness equipment and the company has been around since 1949. This is a good brand and this particular recumbent cycling trainer is a higher-end model with plenty of “bells and whistles”. When you choose this model, you’ll pay more than you would for other bikes that we’ve featured today. However, you’ll access superb value for the money.

This stationery bicycle comes with an LCD electronic computer display that tracks energy consumption, heart rate, RPM, total distance, speed and time. The bike frame is made from high-carbon tubular steel which is powder-coated. The materials and finish used during frame construction are designed to offer the ultimate in durability. When you invest in this model, you’ll be investing in true quality. This is a bike that’s designed to be enjoyed for years.

Kettler GIRO R Recumbent Exercise Bike ReviewAs well, this unit comes with eight pre-set programs. These programs have intensity levels which are adjustable, as well as sixteen levels of resistance. When you choose this model, you’ll be able to utilize heart rate control programs, which will auto-adjust resistance in order to ensure that you are able to maintain your target heart rate.

This model comes with a saddle with thick padding. It’s seat has a high back, which means that it supports the spine. Overall, the seat on this model is extremely comfortable. You may adjust the height of the seat. You’ll have your choice of thirteen positions. The pedals on this model are weighted and they have “self-righting” capability. The pedals feature foot straps.

The flywheel on this model is very well-made. It weighs a lot (17.6 pounds) and it features ball bearings which are sealed. You’ll find that this flywheel offers super-smooth performance. It’s also maintenance-free. If you want to move your GIRO R bike around, you’ll appreciate the fact that it has floor levelers that are built-in, as well as transport casters.

This bike is surprisingly portable! Move it from room to room whenever you feel like a change.

When you order this model, you’ll receive two sets of handlebars (fixed styles). One is a console handlebar and the other is a seated-grip handlebar. Grips will be coated in foam rubber in order to promote premium grip.

Sometimes, paying more for indoor exercise machines makes sense. If you want something exceptional which is built to last, you may want to consider choosing this popular and impressive recumbent bike. It’s designed with all of the features that most people are looking for, and then some!

Check best price for Kettler GIRO R

Kettler GIRO R Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

4. NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Review – Exceptionally user friendly

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike ReviewThis bike has a mid-range price tag and it comes from a famous brand name which is established and respected. When you select the NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike, you’ll access a host of features for an appealing price, including step-through design which makes it easy to get on and off the bike without straining your muscles. Starting new workouts will be such an easy, fast process. We do find bikes with this feature easier to use and enjoy.

The seat of this bike will support your back very well. You’ll find that this chair-style design cradles you in comfort as you elevate your heart rate for a superior cardio workout. The seat of this bike is larger than average and its over-sized design will allow you to relax in comfort and concentrate on training.

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike ReviewAlso, this design features one-touch controls. These controls are very responsive and they’ll allow you to make fast adjustments for resistance. Just hit a button to control tension and customize your workout. You won’t need to fuss with controls much in order to personalize your workout and track your progress. It’s really simple to take care of adjustments by hitting buttons.

As well, this model comes with a holder for a water bottle, so you’ll find that staying hydrated while you train is really easy. This bike has a maximum weight capacity of three hundred pounds.

Check best price for NordicTrack GX 4.7

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike Review

5. ProForm 740 ES Recumbent Bike Review – Great for home use

ProForm 740 ES Recumbent Bike ReviewThis recumbent bike features a seat which will support your lower back beautifully. It will promote great posture as you exercise. As well, the Proform 740 ES Recumbent Bike comes with Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR). This resistance system doesn’t create friction, so you’ll enjoy a very smooth ride. Also, the system will give you the power to adjust the intensity of your training, in order to meet your personal fitness goals.

In addition, this model has an EKG Grip Pulse Rate Monitor. This feature will make it very easy for you to determine your heart rate. Just put your hands on the bike’s crossbar and then access a heart reading which is accurate.

The display screen of this model is an LCD touchscreen. Readouts are multi-colored. With the Proform 740 ES, you’ll be able to track calories burned, as well as time, distance and resistance.

The flywheel for this model weighs twenty pounds. This mid-range to high-end recumbent bike features thirty-four workout programs and it’s a plug-in style.

ProForm 740 ES Recumbent Bike ReviewPeople who buy this bike are usually very happy with it. A few have commented on its quiet performance. It’s nice to choose a fitness machine which doesn’t create a lot of annoying noise while it’s being used. As well, most people feel that this model offers a lot of value for its mid-range to high-end price tag.

While you’ll need to spend a bit more for this model, versus what you’d spend on the cheapest recumbent bikes, you’ll get a comfortable seat, all of the right tracking features, a heart rate monitor and a solid, sturdy recumbent bicycle. Overall, we think that this model offers great ROI (return on investment).

Check best price for ProForm 740 ES

ProForm 740 ES Recumbent Bike Review

Which Recumbent Exercise Bike is Best?

After careful research, we’ve ranked these five best recumbent exercise bikes in order of how much we like them! The Schwinn 270 is definitely our favorite. However, all of the bikes on our list do offer plenty of advantages and few (if any) real drawbacks.

It’s quite possible to access a high-quality recumbent bike without spending a fortune. While there are designs which cost thousands, we’ve focused on showcasing recumbent bikes which cost a lot less! When you choose one of our top five picks, you’ll be selecting a recumbent bike from a trusted manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation. With our guide at your disposal, you will find that it’s impossible to make a mistake. In other words, you’re safe selecting any of the bikes on our list.

All of the best recumbent exercise bikes that we’ve reviewed and compared today are easy to order online. You’ll find them at the world’s largest online retailer and they may also be available at other online retailers. So, why not treat yourself to a new recumbent exercise bike today?

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