Best Free Apps for Fitness Used by Trainers

Best Free Apps for Fitness

There are thousands of fitness applications on the mobile app market today. The most relevant question is what are the best free apps for fitness?

The supply of free fitness apps is huge. You can use them in the gym or at home, however how to find the best free one?

Two main categories of best free apps for fitness

There are various types of fitness apps for mobile devices, however we would like to exclude two main categories of the best free apps for fitness – nutrition tracking apps which allow you to track and log calories, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and other information, and apps for building fitness programs and tracking results. Both types of these apps have their winners.

Best free app for nutrition – “MyFitnessPal”

It is no secret that nutrition amounts up to 80 percent of your fitness goals. Therefore, beginners should be aware of what they eat and how often they eat. Free apps like “MyFitnessPal” are great for tracking your diet.

“MyFitnessPal” is one of the most popular and well used apps in the world which help you learn how to trace your calorie intake. It is really easy to use, you just enter your height, weight, other data and goals and this app calculates the most efficient daily calorie intake you can get. You can choose to weight loss or weight gain for your main goal.

One of the most appealing thing of “MyFitnessPal” is its’ huge database of food products. You can search the database by entering the name of the product or even scanning the bar code. It then brings up the nutrition facts of the item. If the product does not exist, you can enter values yourself and it will be visible for others in the future.

When you start your journey of weight loss or weight gain, apps like “MyFitnessPal” are essential in figuring out how many calories there are in various products.

Best free app for training – “BodySpace”

BodySpace” is a product by a well known established fitness and bodybuilding site “”. You can create an account on the site and choose from the variety of existing fitness programs. “BodySpace” is able to synchronize with your phones’ calendar and thus, for example, when you come to train on Monday you know which muscles groups you need to exercise.

This free app for fitness is able to track your weight, results, repetitions and other progress of your workout. Obviously, it cannot be compared to individual training program and it cannot tell you if you are performing exercises correctly, however it is still regarded one of the best free apps for fitness in the market.

You can always choose “BodySpace” if you want to try out new training routines.

Best free app for running – “Nike Training Club”

Nike Training Club” (or “NTC”) is perfect for beginners or advanced people. This free fitness app can be used in a gym, home or for running.

You also need to register, create an account and then choose how much time do you have for exercising. For example, you have only 20 minutes for training and the app will select appropriate best suited for this time frame. It does also have built in videos which show how to perform certain exercises correctly.

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