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    Does Running Make Your Legs Skinnier Or Larger?

    does running make your legs skinnier

    You may be wondering ‘does running make your legs skinnier?’ This is a common question and one which is up for debate. You can definitely achieve slimmer legs by running, but it can also have the opposite effect and lead to more muscular and bulky legs.

    If your legs are larger than you would like because of excess fat being stored in them, then exercise will truly help make them look and feel slimmer.  It is important to remember that there are zero available exercises that are able to spot-reduce fat, so to achieve skinnier legs you are going to need to slim down all over.

    Running will help you burn fat and calories from all over the body, which is great as it will help keep you in proportion. There are also the added benefits that running provides, such as great general health and well being, toning and conditioning of the leg and glute muscles, along with your core muscles, and a slimmer, more toned physique.

    You will also need to take what you put into your body into account, as what you eat can determine how much fat you store or burn and your overall intensity required to lose fat. Taking care of both diet and exercise can lead to skinnier legs, a slimmer stomach, and more of a fit and firm appearance.

    Burning Calories With Running

    does running make your legs skinnierRunning is well known for being one of the finest exercises for burning calories fast, this is mainly due to a high amount of exertion required to perform the activity. It is also a great way to slim down and eliminate that excess body fat, which leads to your legs being thicker than you would like.

    As an example, a 160 lb person who runs at 5 mph for 60 minutes can burn 605 calories, this is the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac Meal and a large coke. If you up the intensity to 9 mph, then over the course of 60 minutes you would burn an average of 1089 calories! This is more than half the amount of the recommended daily calorie allowance for women.

    When you realize that a single pound of body fat consists of 3500 calories, you will be well on your way to melting that fat away. Typically, the resting metabolic rate of the typical woman is 2000 calories a day. This is how many calories she will burn just performing her normal bodily functions, such as breathing, keeping the heart beating, and controlling the central nervous system, along with the very light activity.

    So, if you were to be on a calorie-restricted diet, of say, 1800 calories a day then you would be deficit by 200 calories. Add on the 1089 calories burned by that 60-minute run and you have a combined deficit of 1289 calories each day. Over the course of 7 days, you would burn a whopping 9023 calories, the equivalent of burning  2.5 lbs of body fat.

    Running Tones The Thighs

    does running make your legs skinnierWhen you go for a run, you primarily engage the hamstrings to the rear of the leg, the quadriceps to the front, the glutes in the buttocks, and the core muscles and hip flexors. The more you activate and engage these muscles, the more toned and defined they will come. Toning helps tighten and strengthen the muscles, therefore dulling them in.

    This can help pull in the skin covering them too, thus creating a slimmer and tighter look and feel.

    You will find that running helps to increase your health and fitness levels, improve your endurance and stamina, and improve your posture. Ensuring you involve all of the major lower body muscles will create harmony among them when it comes to size and strength, which ultimately helps you avoid injury or physical imbalances when working out.

    Developing A Running Routine for Skinnier Legs

    If you are looking for ways on how to get skinnier legs without building muscle, then you will need to ensure that your running is more cardio focused than strength training. Strength training with running would be running on an incline while carrying a weighted backpack. This will place more force on your muscles, thus lead to an increase in size and strength.

    If you are new to running, take it easy for the first few days. You do not want to injure yourself or be in pain. If you experience pain after running, then you need to take it down a notch. Always begin with a minimum of 5-minutes warming up. Perform a gentle walk with lots of stretching to loosen up the muscles and increase blood flow.

    After the 5-minutes are up, begin to jog for 5-minutes and then slow it down again. Repeat this over the course of 60-minutes. Over the following days, increase this to a 10-minute jog and a 5-minute rest, and then to 15-minutes jogging with a 5-minute rest. Once you are able to jog consistently for 20-minutes without losing your breath, you will be ready to go for the full hour.

    You will feel sore after running in the beginning, but you should never experience pain. Stick to level surfaces and avoid uphill running. The idea is to elevate the heart rate to burn calories while avoiding causing micro-tears of the muscles, which will repair themselves and lead to larger muscle mass. Cool down with a 5-minute walk and stretching after each run and enjoy a good 20-minute soak in the tub to increase blood flow to the muscles.

    Final thoughts on Running for Skinnier Legs

    Remember that cardio is your friend when aiming for slimmer and more toned legs. Be mindful of what you put into your body, but never go below 1600 calories a day. If you don’t consume adequate calories then your body will begin to break down your muscle for energy. While in the short term this is perfectly OK, it is important to remember that the heart is also a muscle, so anything that can weaken it is not advisable.

    With a dedicated running plan built up over a period of a month or so, you will notice your thighs begin to shrink. This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen as long as you avoid strength training in the leg area and focus your energy on cardio.


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    How 40 Minutes of Cardio Each Day Helps With Weight Loss

    40 minutes of cardio a day

    What Can You Achieve With 40-Minutes of Cardio Each Day?

    Cardio is a fantastic way of improving your general health and fitness levels while keeping your cardiovascular system in tip-top condition. It is also the very best way of burning those excess calories and helping reduce your overall body fat stores. You can take advantage of all of these health benefits with just 40 minutes of cardio a day.

    This article is going to run through some of the best 40-minute workouts you can perform to help you get in shape, improve your overall health, and reveal a slimmer, more-defined you. Finding time to exercise can be hard, so the ones in this list will be those which can be added to your day without too much of a change being required.

    40 Minutes of General Dancing for Weight loss

    Dancing is a great way to get in some cardio. With a 40 minute session, a 150 lb person can expect to burn around 200 calories. Dancing is a fantastic all over workout as you will incorporate all parts of your body while doing it. Anyone who has ever been to a nightclub will know how quickly dancing can get the heart racing and induce those feel-good endorphin’s.

    The best part of performing dance as part of your cardio plan is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home to your favorite tracks.  You also won’t need any special equipment, so you can get on with dancing yourself slim.

    40 Minutes Of Running Up & Down The Stairs For Weight loss

    If you live in a house or apartment which has stairs inside, then you can perform 40 minutes of running up and down them. This is one of the very best calorie burning exercises you can perform, and a single 40-minute session will burn roughly 680 calories!

    If running isn’t your thing, the walking up and down your stairs will burn an average of around 360 calories in 40-minutes. Along with providing you with a great cardio workout, it also helps develop and tone the buttocks, legs, lower back and abs.

    40 Minutes Of Walking at 4.5 mph For Weight loss

    Walking is one of the most underrated cardio exercises around. Just 40-minutes of walking at a moderate pace of 4.5 mph can burn close to 180 calories. Walking is also one of the easiest exercises to incorporate into your daily routine, be it opting to walk to work instead of driving to going for a stroll in the early evening.

    As it is a low impact exercise, you will reap plenty of health benefits while avoiding the pain and discomfort associated with jogging and running.

    40 Minutes Of Cycling at 13 mph For Weight loss

    There is nothing better than getting on your bike and going for a relaxing yet invigorating bike ride. Cycling for just 40-minutes a day at 13 mph, which is a moderate pace will burn approximately 360 calories. Keeping to a moderate pace will ensure that you can cycle for a full 40-minutes without wearing yourself out too much.

    Cycling also helps tone the legs, glutes and core muscles, which helps provide strength, stability and better posture. If you don’t have an outdoor bike, hitting the gym and making use of an exercise bike can afford you with all of the same benefits.

    40 Minutes Of Swimming Laps For Weight loss

    Swimming is one of those exercises that doesn’t really feel like exercise, yet it is an amazing way to get in some serious cardio. 40-minutes of swimming laps in a freestyle way can burn 360 calories. The reason as to why swimming is so good for you is that the water supports your body yet provides resistance.

    You can up the ante and go for a faster and more vigorous swim to burn 450 calories in 40-minutes. Leisurely is always going to be your best option as it feels like less of a chore, therefore you will be able to be more consistent with your laps.

    40 Minutes Of High Impact Aerobics For Weight loss

    High impact aerobics is best performed as part of a class at the gym. However, there are plenty of online videos which you can do in the comfort of your own home if you prefer. High impact aerobics will raise your body temperature, increase your heart rate and make it hard for you to catch your breath. 40-minutes of this will result in approximately 318 calories to be burned.

    As it is quite an intense form of exercise, you will most likely not want to do it every day. It would be a great choice for performing  twice a week as part of a weekly routine.

    40 Minutes Of Rope Jumping – Skipping For Weight loss

    Another great cardio exercise that you can perform at home is to do 40-minutes of skipping. This will burn more than 450 calories and is quite easy to perform at any point during the day. If you don’t have a rope to hand, no problem.

    You will get the exact same workout by pretending you have a rope by performing the same arm and leg movements. The calories burned for this exercise are consistent with jumping at a moderate pace.

    Final Thoughts on 40 Minutes Of Cardio Each Day

    If you are wondering how long you should do cardio for weight loss, 40-minutes a day will be more than enough to get the ball rolling. To lose weight you need to burn more calories each day than you consume. Therefore, burning around 300 calories a day via cardio will help you lose 2100 calories extra each week.

    The number of calories you will burn with 40-minutes of cardio will depend on your intensity level and the exercise performed. Some are better at burning calories than others. The key point to remember is that it’s not how many calories you burn each day, but how many you consistently burn over a week.

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    7 Tips For Maximizing Your Spin Workout

    how to ride a spin bike

    Performing a spin workout is one of the very best ways to get your body burning those calories while working up a sweat. If you are new to spin, then you may be wondering how to maximize the benefits it offers to you. This article is going to give you 7 of the best tips to help you up the ante and receive a better workout, be you a spin novice or a well worn-in vet. You will discover how to ride a spin bike for best results, along with the correct spinning posture. So if you are ready, let’s get started.

    How to Ride a Spin Bike – 7 Tips

    Nutrition Is Everything

    how to ride a spin bikeSpin is an intensive workout, so you will want to make sure that you are well hydrated and have plenty of energy available to power through the class. Think of your body as the engine of a car. If you are running low on gas and moving on fumes,  then it won’t take long before the gas runs out and the car no longer works. However, if you fill the tank with high-quality fuel, then it will go much further for much longer. A health carbohydrate snack, such as a piece of fruit or some whole wheat toast around 60-minutes before your workout can help you race through your spin session with ease. Fill up on a large glass of water at this time too, or if you have a clear broth to hand, this is even better.

    Adjust Your Bike To Your Body

    How to ride a spin bikeSpin bikes are easily adjustable and should be adjusted to fit your height and frame. The first thing you will want to do is adjust the height of your seat so that your body is able to lean forward to reach the handlebars without stretching too much. You ideally want your back to be flat and not arched. The peddles should reach your feet with ease, while your knees should not be coming above your waist area. Think of the same position you would have while riding a traditional outdoor bike, this is the position you need to adjust your bike to fit.

    Clothing Counts – Dress Appropriately

    how to ride a spin bikeYou are not going to want to perform a spin workout wearing anything that is too rigid, rough or synthetic. You want to aim for clothes which hug the body, are soft and stretchy while allowing the body to breathe.  A T-shirt and a pair of leggings or shorts are going to be your best bet. You really want to opt for cotton if possible, as nylon and polyester trap heat and sweat, which not only feels gross but can lead to rashes too.

    Avoid anything that can become trapped in the peddles or in the adjustment bars of the bike. You don’t need to rush off out to buy professional cycling gear, just aim to be comfortable. Shoes also play a vital role in getting the most out of your spin session. You obviously are not going to be able to wear heels while spinning, and you will want to avoid soft-soled footwear. The sturdier and more solid the soles are, the better for your feet it will be.

    Ride for Yourself – Not for Your Neighbors

    If you truly want to get the most out of your spin session, then you need to imagine that you are the only person in the room. The worst thing you can do in a spin class is to start comparing yourself to the other riders or the instructor. You need to push yourself as if you were 2 meters ahead of the crowd in a bike race with the finish line in front of you. There are no half measures in spin, you need to be focused and power on through, even when it feels as though your legs are about to drop off. This way you can finish your class and know that you gave it 101% and be proud of your effort.

    Your Instructor Can Help You With Proper Spin Bike Form

    how to ride a spin bikeHaving a great instructor is one of the best things to help you get the most out of your spinning session.  If you are not sure about the correct spinning posture, or even how to ride a spin bike, don’t be scared to ask them for help.

    So, what is proper spin bike form? Well, it is all about the position of your body and hands. It will mainly depend on whether you are sitting or standing, and will most likely change throughout the workout.  In the sitting position, you should place the palms of your hands toward the center of the handlebars, your hips should be evenly positioned when sat down. When performing standing poses, which involve going from a seated to standing position quickly, the hands should be toward the curve of the handlebars.

    Resistance Riding Is The Way Forward

    You will want to be riding with resistance for the entire workout duration. To ride without resistance will simply equate to the wheel spinning and you failing to receive and benefits. You also run the risk of causing injury to your knees if you go too easy or too hard on the resistance. If it is too easy, then you will have legs that spin like the roadrunner in Wylie coyote. If it is too hard, then you are going to look like your cycling in slow motion.  A good place to begin is with around 80 – 100 RPM’s.

    Enjoy Your Ride To Weight Loss

    If you find that you are not enjoying yourself during your spin workout, then you are not going to be putting in 100% effort. Spinning is all about intensity and adrenaline, yes, you will notice others screaming and hollering as if they are on a roller coaster, and you don’t have to join in with it if you don’t want to. You should, however, find it a joy to do. It’s going to be hard at first, but as the old saying goes … no pain, no gain.

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    Spin Bike Vs Exercise Bike – Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

    Spin Bike Vs Exercise Bike

    When it comes to exercise bikes, you have 3 distinct types. These are the Spin bike, the recumbent exercise bike, and the upright exercise bike. While they all offer a great way to get a riding workout, each will work in a slightly different way to the other.

    So if you are wondering about the difference between the spin bike and the exercise bike, which is better? Then this article should help you discover the answer. As each one will offer up a different riding workout, there will be advantages and disadvantages depending on your desired fitness goals. While there are differences between them, there is one feature that is the same and that is that they are all a type of exercise bike.

    Regardless of the variation you choose, you will be seated on a saddle and manually peddle as part of your workout routine. The main benefit is that you receive a great cardio session which will help tone and condition your legs and lower torso.

    All 3 bikes will allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout session, and each of them will help you to improve your general fitness while burning off plenty of calories in the process. Ultimately, this will result in healthy and gradual weight loss.

    So, if you are looking for info regarding the spin bike vs exercise bike for weight loss, then below you will find out all that you could possibly need to know. If you are ready, we will begin with the spin bike.

    The Spin Bike For Weight Loss

    Spin Bike Vs Exercise Bike
    Spin Bike

    It was during the 1980’s that the spin bike was first introduced to the health and fitness market. It holds similarities to riding an actual bicycle outdoors and is commonly used by those who enjoy cycling to get in a great workout, regardless of the weather or location. Also, it is a popular choice among those looking at improving their general health and well being.

    The way in which a spin bike is used is pretty much the same as being seated on a racing bike. You position yourself on the saddle and extend your arms and upper body forward to hold on to the handlebars.

    As you begin to peddle, the front wheel will begin to rotate, this is quite a heavy wheel and provides resistance much in the same way as an outdoor bike would. When you cease peddling, they continue to spin as the weight of the wheel keeps them in motion, thus keeping you moving even when slowing down.

    You are also able to stand up when peddling with extreme resistance. This is the same action that you would perform when riding up a steep incline, such as a hill or a steep road. Typically, there are not many fancy additions to a spin bike other than the LCD screen, which informs you of your speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. It is common to find spin bikes in a gym, where they are used for group workouts to intense routines and upbeat music.

    5 Best Spin Bikes

    NameMaximum User WeightDimensions (W x H x D) InchesLCD MonitorPrice
    NexHT Spin Bike280 lbs40 x 21 x 41Yes
    XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40320 lbs42 x 22 x 44Yes
    URSTAR Spin Bike250 lbs41.8 x 22.1 x 45.7Yes
    Spinner S7 Indoor Spin Bike250 lbs43 x 18 x 27No
    Harison Spin Bike for Home265 lbs47 x 25 x 44No

    The Recumbent Exercise Bike For Weight Loss

    Spin Bikes Vs Exercise Bikes
    Recumbent Exercise Bike

    With this type of bike, you will first notice that it consists of a large, well-padded seat which is much the same as a high-backed chair. The peddles of the bike will be placed in front of you when sitting, so you have to extend your legs to reach them as if riding in a paddle boat at a water park. This can feel a bit strange at first, mainly because of the position of your legs and abdomen during use. However, it is a great choice for those with back and lower body mobility issues and help them to receive a great conditioning workout.

    This bike is different to the spin bike in the way that when you stop peddling, they will no longer rotate. The bike consists of a magnetic resistance system, which can be quickly adjusted via the bike control board.

    This control board will consist of plenty of programs and data, which allows you to fully monitor your workout and reach your fitness goals.  While this type of bike allows for a great workout, you will be using much less of your body’s muscles while riding. Primarily, it will work on your upper legs, buttocks, and calf muscles while eliminating any other pressure placed on other parts of the body.

    Of the 3 types of bike, the recumbent bike is the largest, mainly down to the fact that it features a large seat and the position you will be sitting in when working out. This is something to consider when you have limited space. You will also need to place it near a wall socket to power the program board and LCD system. You will burn fewer calories on this type of bike and work out fewer muscles than compared to a spin bike.

    Top 5 Best Recumbent Exercises Bikes

    NameMaximum User WeightDimensions (W x H x D) InchesLCD MonitorPrice
    Schwinn 270300 lbs64 x 27.7 x 49.9Yes
    Marcy ME 709300 lbs55.5 x 25 x 37.5Yes
    Kettler GIRO R285 lbs68 x 32 x 35Yes
    NordicTrack GX 4.7300 lbs57 x 26 x 50Yes
    ProForm 740 ES350 lbs60 x 15 x 25Yes

    The Upright Exercise Bike For Weight Loss

    Spin Bikes vs Exercise Bikes
    Upright Exercise Bike

    Of all 3 types of bikes, the upright is the most utilized one. The saddle and handlebars are very similar to a traditional outdoor bike, but the bars are positioned at a higher level.

    This means that you will be positioned in an upright stature when using it. You will also notice that the saddle is much more comfortable than a traditional bike.

    You will find the riding experience to be the most comfortable of the 3 due to the natural position you will adopt when riding. As with the recumbent bike, when you stop peddling, everything else stops too. You have a choice of resistance and training modes available to you, along with all of the important health information, such as calories, speed, incline, heart rate, etc.

    You will also find that this bike will also provide the best allover workout, especially as it makes use of the muscles in the abdominal area, the back, and the legs. Working out these core muscles helps develop tone and strength and as they are large muscle groups used for stability, you will burn many more calories. They are also easy to fold away and put into a cupboard out of the way, which is great if you have limited space at home.

    Spin Bike Vs Exercise Bike For Weight Loss – Which Is Best

    The spin bike will provide an amazing cardio workout and burn an average of 250 calories per hour at a leisurely pace, or 700 calories at a pace of roughly 14 MPH. The recumbent exercise bike will burn 180 calories per hour at a leisurely pace, and 450 calories per hour at 14 MPH. Lastly, the upright bike will burn 310 calories per hour at a leisurely pace, and 850 calories per hour at 14 MPH.

    So, the best bike for weight loss is the upright exercise bike, which is followed closely behind by the spin bike, and then lastly the recumbent exercise bike. Each will suit different body conditions, health issues, and end targets, so the bike you choose will depend on these factors.

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    Best Home Treadmill for Walking In 2018 – Top 5

    Best Home Treadmill for Walking

    Many people assume that treadmills are designed purely for running and while they do offer a fantastic indoor alternative for runners, they can also provide an amazingly good body conditioning walking experience.

    Both forms of cardio are very good for the body and for helping get into and stay in shape. However, there are definitely distinct advantages of using a treadmill for walking, which has been broken down into separate categories below. So If you are looking for the best home treadmill for walking, then read on.

    Benefits of Getting the Best Treadmill for Walking

    Walking Allows You To Go Further

    It is no surprise that those who perform walking as a form of exercise instead of running can go much further and for much longer. When you run, your body will burn recently eaten foods as its main source of energy. This will only last a certain amount of time before the energy stores are depleted and you are faced with an energy crash. As running consumes more energy in the short term, you will find that you will be out of energy and at your limit in a shorter amount of time.

    Walking, on the other hand, makes use of a combination of available energy from food along with body fat reserves.  This means that you get a steady and consistent supply of energy during your walking exercise. As you don’t exhaust your energy supplies quickly, you are able to go much further and for extended periods of time.

    While running may burn more calories upfront, walking burns more overall calories as you are able to enjoy it without exhaustion.

    You Avoid The Dangers Of outdoors

    When exercising outdoors you will be faced with many obstacles, which could end up resulting in injury. For a start, the ground surface outdoors can be unpredictable and uneven, which could lead to falls. You also have another obstacle in the way, such as other pedestrians, trash can, litter, and kerbsides. If you are forced to walk on the road, then other dangers such as vehicles and cyclists can become a potential issue.

    Using a treadmill to walk at home can eliminate all of these dangers and make the experience a safe and straightforward one. You will be provided with a perfectly level surface, which has been optimized to be friendly on the joints and tendons and also is able to walk in peace.

    You Can exercise In All Weather Conditions

    The weather is a vital player in when and how often we are able to get outside and walk. If it is raining, snowing, or even too hot, it can become the main reason as to why walking is postponed or avoided. Luckily, the weather bears no effect on the inside of the home, so being able to put on your walking shoes, turn on the treadmill and walk to your heart’s content becomes a real possibility. It also offers up the convenience of being able to walk at any point during the day or night, and even in front of your TV if you want to have a Netflix marathon while doing it.

    You Avoid Traffic And Industrial Pollutants

    As touched on above, not everyone is able to walk in the countryside or away from the streets. Traffic can be a danger to anyone walking on the road, but aside from that, the pollution that is emitted from vehicles is really quite damaging. In fact, walking for 20-minutes down a busy road can provide you with the same levels of carbon monoxide and pollution as smoking 2 cigarettes do. By walking on a treadmill indoors, you are taking yourself out of the pollution equation and can enjoy a cleaner and more pure standard of air, which is good for both body and mind. The convenience a treadmill for walking at home affords the user is also a great selling point and one which is ideal for those who do not have the time nor freedom to be able to go for a walk outdoors when the mood takes them.

    Best Home Treadmill for Walking In 2018 Reviews

    This article is going to run through 5 of the best treadmills, which are ideally suited for walking at home. Depending on your requirements and space available, you may appreciate a quiet walking treadmill, or perhaps you are looking for the best compact treadmill for walking. Regardless of what you are looking for, below you will get to find out more about the five best treadmills of 2018.

    Best 5 Treadmills for Walking In 2018
    NameAssembled DimensionsReviewsPrice
    GoPlus Electric Treadmill With DeskBest Walking Treadmills
    63” L X 29” W 46” H
    Read Review
    GoPlus Walking TreadmillBest Walking Treadmills56” L X 26” W X 44” H
    Read Review
    EFITMENT Slimline TreadmillBest Walking Treadmills57” L X 27.6” W X 46” H
    Read Review
    Body Solid Endurance Walking Treadmill
    Best Walking Treadmills77” L X 29.5” 29.5” W X 53.5” H
    Read Review
    Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual TreadmillBest Walking Treadmills77” L X 47.2” X 19.1” W X 52” H
    Read Review

    GoPlus Electric Treadmill With Desk Review

    Best Walking Treadmills for HomeThe Goplus electric treadmill is a fantastic option for those who like to be busy or entertained when walking. It allows you to walk and work on the go, which means that you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

    The treadmill and desk fit together seamlessly. There are all of the basic functions as is standard with most treadmills today. The large LCD screen display makes selecting your mode a cinch, and you have the choice between automatic mode or manually adjusted mode.

    It comes in 2 boxes, one with the desk and one with the treadmill. Assembly is very easy and takes moments to do.

    If you are looking for a treadmill which is compact and offers quiet exercise, then this treadmill will be the ideal choice for your needs. The fact that it allows you to work or watch a movie on your tablet or laptop while walking makes it a great choice for professionals and students.

    Features Include:

    • LED screen with time, speed, calories, and distance modes.
    • Built in desk for placing a laptop for work or entertainment.
    • Compact at just 63” L X 29” W and a desk height of 39 – 46”.
    • Offers a quiet way to workout at home with ease.

    best home treadmill for walking

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    GoPlus Walking Treadmill For Seniors

    best home treadmill for walkingAnother fantastic treadmill from GoPlus, which has been created with the elderly and seniors in mind. While most other brands focus on the young and active generations, this treadmill is the ideal choice for those who are looking to increase their mobility and keep their health in good order.

    The GoPlus Senior walking treadmill comes with 2 extra-long support arms. They are foam protected and offer support while using the machine. They also help prevent any trips or falls when in use, and when combined with the safety key, optimal safety is achieved.

    The safety key will cut power to the treadmill should it become dislodged. Because of this the treadmill can be used for safe and enjoyable walking at home.

    Features Include:

    • Safety Key and auto cut-off if a trip or fall occurs.
    • Sturdy walking surface limits shaking and vibrations.
    • Compact at just 56” L X 26” W X 44” H.
    • Designed with the elderly and infirm in mind.
    • Offers a quiet way to workout at home with ease.

    best home treadmill for walking

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    EFITMENT Slimline Treadmill With Bluetooth

    This modern yet compact treadmill combines the ease and convenience of being slimline and easy to fold away. It is also packed with modern technology such as Bluetooth health monitor attachments, stereo speakers and a well designed LED backlit screen.

    In total, there are 9 different cardio program settings, which range from a gentle walk to a 7.5mph run. You will also discover the benefits of shock absorbing cushions. They will help prevent vibrations and compression of the joints when walking or running.

    The built-in Bluetooth and stereo speakers allow you to connect your phone to the treadmill wirelessly and stream your favorite tracks. There is also a phone and table holder, so you can catch up on some of your favorite movies or TV shows while walking.

    Features Include:

    • Bluetooth connectivity, stereo speakers, and phone/tablet holder.
    • (Body Mass Index) Technology keeps track of your progress.
    • Compact at just 57” L X 27.6” W X 46” H.
    • To fold and unfold for easy out of the way storage.
    • To floor running belt makes it easy to get on and off of.

    best home treadmill for walking

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    Body Solid Endurance Walking Treadmill

    best home treadmill for walkingFor those who are looking for a solid and well-designed treadmill, which has been stripped back and created for endurance walking only, then this is one of the very best treadmills you will find.

    Many modern walking treadmills come loaded with fancy extras. However, Body-solid has removed all but the most important aspects of a treadmill and focussed more on making a robust and targeted walking machine. The treadmill comes with an orthopaedic belt, which makes walking a much more comfortable experience.

    There are also 2 full length, cushioned handrails and a super-sized LED display which focuses on time, heart rate and distance.

    Features Include:

    • Comes with a built-in safety chord to cut power automatically.
    • Orthopedic treadmill belt provides support during exercise.
    • Compact at just 77” L X 29.5” 29.5” W X 53.5” H.
    • Full-length handrails to assist with walking and stability.
    • Created with increasing walking endurance over time.

    best home treadmill for walking

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    Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

    best home treadmill for walkingIf you are looking for an economical treadmill, which offers an electricity-free and very quiet walking experience, then the Confidence Fitness walking Treadmill will cater to all of your needs.

    The treadmill is powered by magnetism and gravity, so you bypass all of the noise and added extra cost associated with using an electric motor. The treadmill is incredibly compact and can be folded away when not in use. This is ideal for those with limited space or living in an apartment.

    All of the usual features, such as distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned are included in the LCD display. The treadmill is cost effective and suitable for nearly all types of budget while offering the ability and convenience of indoor walking at home.

    Features Include:

    • Fixed mild incline with a choice of 8 intensities while walking.
    • The ability to be folded away for storage and space saving.
    • Compact at just 77” L X 47.2” X 19.1” W X 52” H.
    • Very quiet when being used due to the lack of an electric motor.
    • On the lower end of the price range and ideal for low budgets.

    best home treadmill for walking

    Click Here to check the best price for Confidence Treadmill

    Final thoughts

    So, there you have it. 5 of the very best home treadmills for walking of 2018 for different budgets and requirements. While many of these are also great for running and jogging, they have been selected due to their high level of flexibility for those looking for a treadmill for home walking. Hopefully, one of these will be the perfect fit for you and your home. Also, it will enable you to increase the amount of gentle cardio exercise you perform each day.

    Unlike other review articles, this one has tried to encompass a wide range of people and fitness levels. Ranging from the young and active to those who are elderly or suffering from mobility issues. This opens up the possibilities of discovering a treadmill for walking at home to a wider audience and inclusive of all.

    It may seem like a better choice to get up and go for a walk outside, and in certain cases, this may well be the case. However, for the majority of people, being able to perform some gentle walking in the comfort of their own home will prove to be invaluable.

    This is especially true when it comes to stay at home mothers or fathers, the elderly, and those who live in busy and congested towns and cities. Walking is a fantastic way to provide all over conditioning to the body while also increasing strength, endurance and flexibility.

    So whether you are searching for a compact home walking treadmill, a quite walking treadmill, or a motorized treadmill for walking at home, the above 5 choices will have you covered. The best part is that all of these are available online for home delivery and take just moments to set up and install.

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    Disadvantages of Prolonged Use of Low Fat Diets

    What are the main disadvantages of prolonged use of low fat diets and what are the risks of low fat diets and symtoms

    There are a lot of proclaimed low fat diet benefits like weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease and other. This has been a course of dietary government guidelines in the US which suggest that lowering fat intake will reduce the hazardous health risks. However, during recent years more and more nutrition scientists and experts started to propagate the idea that high fat diet affect the human body in a negative way.

    There are lots of high protein and low fat diet plans popular today and the intake of fat is lowered to the critical rates. Some of them even suggest to completely remove fat intake from your diet which might be a risky thing to do.

    Fat is one of the main macro nutrients which is involved in every cell in human body. Not to mention, fat is important for maintaining healthy hormone levels in the body.

    Fat is very calorie dense macro nutrient and almost every cell in a human body can use fatty acids as an energy source. Fat is also essential for nervous system and brain. Also it is very important for skin and joint condition, thermoregulatory system. Furthermore, vitamins like A, D, E and K are soluble in fat, therefore it is crucial for many important bodily functions.

    Disadvantages of Prolonged Use of Low Fat Diets

    Here is some of the symptoms which are associated of prolonged use of low fat diets:

    1. Constantly feeling hungry

    If you are on a prolonged low fat diet you might get hungry really fast. After introducing more fats to your diet you should feel full for way longer.

    2. Lack of energy

    Diets which involve a lot of green vegetables and carbohydrate dense wheat with no fats might spike your blood sugars instantly. For example, if you include avocado, which is full of ‘good’ fats, it will slow down carbohydrate intake which will result in stable glucose levels. In essence, the lack of energy felt after consuming high sugar foods is a result of fluctuating blood sugar levels.

    3. Dry and pale skin

    If you experience dry and scaly skin or if it lost its’ shine, you should take a look of your fat intake. Low fat intake might be the reason for these symptoms. Fats are essential for keeping your skin hydrated.

    4. Problems with vision

    Omega-3 acid can be found in eye retina which is required for the proper functioning of your eyes. Fat is a great source of omega-3.

    5. Increased sensitivity

    This has also something to do with the lack of omega-3 acid. If you often feel irritated or strained, you might have a deficiency of omega-3.

    6. Painful joints

    Fats are found in skin layer, they maintain and protect various body parts. They are also found around joints, soles, hands, feet, buttocks. They are like cushions that protect from outside pressure.

    7. Vitamin deficiency

    Lack of fats might result in lack of important vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K. Prolonged use of low fat diets might be the reason why these vitamins are lacking. They are important for metabolism and their shortage might result in various diseases and conditions.

    8. Hormone imbalance

    Fats are hugely important in maintaining good hormone balance, especially in women and their ovaries. Ovaries manufacture predecessors of sexual hormones which later turn into sexual hormones. Therefore, it is best that women maintain at least 17% of body fat.

    9. Bad memory

    Fats are like fuel to the brain. The most important way of having good brain activity is omega-3 acid. This fatty acid can be found in fish oil, nuts, sunflower seeds, avocado.

    If you experience a variety of these symptoms these might indicate that you are experiencing disadvantages of prolonged use of low fat diets. Fat should take up to 25-30 percent of your daily macro nutrition goals. Some of the best sources of fats are: olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, fish, nuts, coconut milk, avocado, seeds.

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    Best 10 Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews of 2018

    best adjustable bench

    If you’ve been on the hunt for the very best adjustable weight bench to perfectly finish off your home fitness center – helping you build the body of your dreams with plenty of time before beach season is upon us – but haven’t been able to narrow things down just yet, hopefully the inside information and quick reviews below give you all the data you need to hit the ground running.

    The right adjustable weight bench is going to act as a foundation for your home fitness center. You’ll be able to utilize the best multipurpose weight bench available in a lot of different ways to pull off a variety of different exercises, targeting specific muscle groups in getting in the kind of high-caliber workouts you would have only had been able to pull off any legitimate fitness center before.

    So dive right in to these best to wait bench review to find the perfect option for your specific needs, your specific budget, and your specific fitness goals!

    Best 10 Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews of 2018

    10 Best Adjustable Weight Benches
    NameAssembled DimensionsReviewsPrice
    Fitness Reality 1000Best Adjustable Weight Bench
    59"L x 23.5"W x 48.5"H
    Read Review
    Bowflex SelectTech 5.1Best Adjustable Weight Bench51 x 17.8 x 8.7
    Read Review
    Bowflex SelectTech 3.1Best Adjustable Weight Bench53 x 20 x 9
    Read Review
    Weider Pro 255 LBest Adjustable Weight Bench32 x 17 x 7
    Read Review
    CAP Barbell DeluxeBest Adjustable Weight Bench53"L x 27"W x 45"H
    Read Review
    Body-Solid PowerlineBest Adjustable Weight Bench56.5 x 20.5 x 10
    Read Review
    Marcy Adjustable Utility Weight BenchBest Adjustable Weight Bench52 x 25 x 46.5
    Read Review
    Marcy Exercise Utility SB-261WBest Adjustable Weight bench51 x 19 x 42
    Read Review
    Titan Fitness Adjustable Weight BenchBest Adjustable Weight bench51 x 27 x 48
    Read Review
    CAP Barbell Adjustable Weight BenchBest Adjustable Weight Bench50 x 25 x 41
    Read Review

    Fitness Reality 1000 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench with ReviewsEasily one of the best selling weight benches available on the market today – and available at a price point that is almost too good to be true – you’ll fall head over heels in love with everything that this adjustable bench brings to the table the moment that you pull it out of the box and put it together.

    Offering an 800 pound real weight capacity and the ability to adjust perfectly to give anyone between the heights of 5’1” and 6’4” the ability to get in the kind of workout that they deserve, you’ll also be able to adjust this weight bench across 12 different positions – decline as well as inclined – to really hammer the muscle groups that you are working out.

    It includes a detachable three position leg holddown bar so that you can get extra stability when you are really going for it, and you’ll also be able to use this holddown bar for leg workouts as well.

    Click Here to check the best price for Fitness Reality 1000

    Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchDesigned by the same people responsible for the incredibly popular Bowflex fitness equipment, this adjustable weight bench is capable of transforming almost any space imaginable into your very own personal fitness center faster than you would have thought possible.

    This adjustable bench can be configured across six different positions, from a 17° decline to a 90° incline with a whole host of “stops” along the way. This also helps you correct your posture while you are lifting, maximizing your form so that you get the most out of each and every exercise you perform with this bench.

    Rocksolid and incredibly stable – while also being made out of the finest construction materials are available right now – this particular adjustable bench includes a 30 year warranty. This is one of the best in the business, it really goes to show you just how seriously the folks at Bowflex take this adjustable weight bench.

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for Bowflex SelectTech 5.1

    Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchA slightly less adjustable – and slightly less expensive – adjustable weight bench option from the folks at Bowflex (when compared the option from Bowflex above), you’ll be able to save a little bit of money on this weight bench while still enjoying the same kind of high-caliber construction materials, design, and engineering that the folks at Bowflex have been known for over the last few decades.

    Rather than adjust to six individual positions like the Bowflex option above, this particular configuration is only going to adjust to four different positions – but it maintains the same 17° decline to 90° incline stops that are so important when you are working out today.

    This option is protected by the 30 year warranty that Bowflex attaches to almost all of their products, it is compact and lightweight enough to transform any space into a fitness center without eating up a lot of real estate along the way. The seat is incredibly comfortable, the bench platform rocksolid, and thanks to the included leg hold down attachment you can even do some light workouts with this adjustable bench, too.

    Click Here to check the best price for Bowflex SelectTech 3.1

    Weider Pro 255 L Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchIf you are looking for the best adjustable weight bench on the market today that won’t ever have you blowing up your bank account or breaking your budget along the way, you’ll want to take as close a look at this particular adjustable weight bench as possible.

    Designed, developed, and produced by one of the most trusted names in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting communities, you really can’t go wrong with this particular bench. It adjusts to deliver the kind of personalized workout you are expecting (and can lock in at multiple positions from a decline to a 90° right position), and depending upon how you configure yourself on the weight bench you can do more than 30 different exercises while utilizing it.

    It’s pretty amazing just how comfortable this particular bench is and how rock solid it is compared to the competition when you look at its price tag. This just might be the most affordable of all the best adjustable weight inches available on the market today, and is well worth your serious consideration.

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for Weider Pro 255 L

    CAP Barbell Deluxe Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchThe folks at CAP understand (better than most, it would seem) that the adjustable weight bench you choose to invest in is going to act as the rock solid foundation of your entire home fitness center. This is not the kind of investment in your health, body, and well being that you can afford to take lightly.

    Designed to offer you a full-sized adjustable weight bench in a form factor that can fold up and store away almost anywhere, the beautiful thing about the CAP adjustable weight bench is that it has also been engineered to use only 100% high quality steel throughout – making it about as stable and as dependable a platform as you are going to find on the market today.

    Because of the slimline approach to this bench, you will be able to use it completely alone with dumbbells or with barbells but you’ll also be able to slide it into a power cage or squat rack and take advantage of it in that kind of application, too.

    This is certainly one of the most flexible of all the different adjustable weight bench options out there today, giving you all the adjustability you need to get in the exact workout you are hoping for with zero headache or hassle.

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for CAP Deluxe Weight Bench

    Body-Solid Powerline Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchThis particular weight bench has some of the best weight bench reviews online, and it’s easy to see why.

    Simple, straightforward, solid, and without any special “frills” or bells and whistles that some lesser manufacturers attached to their weight bench to try and improve their marketability, this weight bench is exactly that – a weight bench – and only strives to be the most perfect example of the best multipurpose weight bench it can possibly be.

    Stout, solid, and manufactured completely out of high quality steel, this is a heavy-duty piece of exercise equipment that you will be able to use day in and day out for years and years to come. It has a 20 year warranty, a fantastic reputation for stability, and all the adjustability you need to use it in a variety of different applications without ever feeling shortchanged.

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for Body-Solid Bench

    Marcy Adjustable Utility Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchAnother of the fantastic options from this quality company, this example of the best adjustable weight bench is perfect for those looking to get in whole body workouts with a single bench rather than having to jump from one specialized piece of equipment to another.

    The flexibility and adjustability of this bench guarantees that you are going to be able to use it in a variety of different configurations, a variety of different setups, and in a variety of different angles to blast each and every one of your minor and major muscle groups depending upon the kind of exercise you are powering through.

    The upholstery on this bench is top-notch and isn’t going to give or break down the way that some of the other weight benches out there on the market might. This is a weight bench that is also designed to take full advantage of powder coated steel frames throughout, giving you the ability to handle 800 pounds or more on this bench without ever worrying about compromising it.

    Flipping it up right and storing it away is about as simple as a process can be, and the six different adjustable positions guarantee you will be able to get in and incline or decline workout whenever you like.

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for Marcy Adjustable Bench

    Marcy Exercise Utility SB-261W Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchBridging heavy-duty components – including a powder coated 100% steel frame and some of the best boxed upholstery available in the adjustable weight bench world today – this particular adjustable weight bench is very affordable, flexible enough to be used in a variety of different applications, and features some of the smoothest acting hinges on the market today.

    The adjustable seat can go all the way back to a 30° decline and all the way up to a 90° incline, with plenty of individual stops along the way over there are six) so that you can custom tailor your fitness experience across the board.

    Best of all, you will be able to count on this particular weight bench working for you for years and years to come – it comes complete with a 15 year warranty from the manufacturer so you know you can trust its reliability and dependability going forward!

    A versatile piece of fitness equipment, you won’t have to break your bank account into tiny little pieces to get your hands on this adjustable weight bench, either. You’ll be able to add it to your existing fitness set up without having to worry about dipping too far into your savings!

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for Marcy SB-261W

    Titan Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchOf all the contenders out there for the title of the “best adjustable bench for home gym setups”, this particular option from Titan Fitness may be the most overbuilt of the bunch!

    Super heavy-duty, featuring “chunky” 100% powder coated steel components throughout and double boxed upholstery on the seats and headrest, this is a very substantial looking and substantial feeling adjustable weight bench that is well worth your consideration.

    Rated to handle upwards of 650 pounds without breaking a sweat, it comes complete with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer so that you know you are going to be able to depend on this piece of fitness equipment for years and years to come. Because it is so overbuilt and because it is guaranteed for such a long time by the manufacturer, it isn’t any stretch of the imagination that this might be the last weight bench you ever have to purchase!

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for Titan Fitness Weight Bench

    CAP Barbell Adjustable Weight Bench Review

    Best Adjustable Weight BenchCompared to the other CAP adjustable weight bench we reviewed above this is a little bit more spartan and a little bit more bare-bones, but for people that are operating a home fitness center on a budget and do not want to break their bank account – but aren’t willing to cut corners just to cut costs, either – there may not be a better option on this list.

    There are plenty of reviews out there that will highlight just how valuable this particular bench can be, and many call it the best bench for home gym setups – and it’s easy to see why. Relatively compact but still stoutly constructed utilizing high-strength powder coated steel and double boxed seating material and upholstery, this isn’t the kind of budget focused adjustable weight bench you’ll find at one of those big box department stores for a couple of bucks that fall apart shortly after you start using them.

    No, this is a heavy-duty addition to your home fitness center and certainly one of the best adjustable weight bench options money can buy today. The folks at CAP have been knocking it out of the park when it comes to producing quality fitness equipment for decades now, and this affordable weight bench is a perfect example of everything that they have to offer!

    Best Adjustable Weight Bench

    Click Here to check the best price for CAP Barbell Bench

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    Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing – Allergic or Intolerant?

    How to test for food allergy and intollerance

    Many people have trouble distinguishing whether or not they are allergic to certain foods or they have increased sensitivity or intolerance. Food allergy and sensitivity testing can be performed at home by the help of various kits that are available on the market. Food allergy testing kits will help you determine common foods that negatively stimulate your immune system and test the sensitivity. The most common mistake is that, often, people tend to confuse food sensitivity to food allergies.

    Allergy and intolerance (sensitivity) difference

    Allergic reaction is a result of your immune system wrongfully attacking a protein which exists in various food products. When such protein enters the human body, the immune system creates an antibody which is called immunoglobulin E (IgE)The main purpose for this antibody is to destroy the so called intruding protein.

    Food intolerance is an unwanted body reaction too (as is allergy). However, the difference is that food allergy is caused by immune system and food intolerance is caused by digestive system. In this case, antibodies are not involved in negative reactions regarding food intolerance. Certain food products are hard to digest because of lack of digestive enzymes. Also, food intolerance might be caused by various chemical compounds like lactose. For example, we call people lactose intolerant when the enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar) is missing.

    How fast do food allergy and food intolerance reactions appear?

    Usually food allergic reaction might appear very quickly, no later than two hours after eating allergenic food. Food intolerance reaction, on the other hand, are slow and symptoms might only be visible in a couple of days.

    Food allergy symptoms

    • Runny nose
    • Itchy eyes or palate
    • Coughing and sneezing
    • Swelling of body parts or whole body
    • Shortness of breath
    • Vomiting or diarrhoea
    • Skin rashes

    Food intolerance symptoms chart

    DiarrheaWeight control problemsFluid retentionSweating at nightDepression
    ConstipationAbdominal bloatingItchy skin, eczemaAnxietyCeliac disease
    Inflammatory bowel diseaseSleep disorderMigraineChronic fatigue syndromeBronchitis
    HyperactivityInsomniaMalabsorption syndromeIrritable bowel syndromeAsthma
    GastritisHeadacheFibromyalgiaAttention disorder syndromeArthritis

    If you have any of these food intolerance symptoms which are listed below and you have been trying to diagnose the origin, it might be associated with food intolerance. There might be several symptoms occurring at once due to food intolerance.

    Top foods that are allergic the most

    In theory, any food can be allergic. However, only a few are responsible for more than 90% of food allergic reactions. Here is the list of the most allergic foods:

    1. Milk
    2. Eggs
    3. Wheat
    4. Peanuts
    5. Other nuts
    6. Fish
    7. Sea food
    8. Soy

    Food Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing

    You can perform food allergy and sensitivity and other various food intolerance tests in health institutions and medical centres.

    Perform food sensitivity testing by writing a food journal and eliminating food products one by one. For example, write down the symptoms that you are suffering from like abdominal cramp, exhaustion, joint pain and others. Then, each week eliminate a food product like eggs or dairy and see if the symptoms are still there. If they are still persistent, eliminate products that have gluten and continue to observe.

    Food allergy and intolerance test kits

    Home food intolerance kits are great tools to help you figure out if you are allergic or food intolerant.

    How it works?

    Firstly, you purchase the kit. You collect the samples (blood, hair or saliva) and you ship it out to the test kit company. In a few days you will receive an online result chart. Keep in mind that the process is fairly easy and there are detailed instructions included in the test kits.

    Although food intolerance test kits are fairly expensive, but they can save you time and money and a trip to medical centre as you can perform food sensitivity testing at home, ship out the samples and receive results. Here are a few food intolerance test kits that we would recommend.

    Best food intolerance test kits

    1. EverlyWell – At Home Food Sensitivity Test Kit

    Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

    This food allergy, sensitivity and intolerance test kit can test your reaction to 96 common foods which is more than enough to figure out if you have food intolerance. This test kit sample requires only a few drops of blood which is a quick and easy process. You send the samples back to the company and you will receive your results fast and secure.

    Click here to purchase EverlyWell food sensitivity test kit for a great price.

    2. Home Environmental and Food Intolerance Test

    Food allergy, sensitivity and intolerance testing

    This food intolerance kit is able to test your food allergies and food intolerance at once. Furthermore, this kit uses hair samples so it is a better alternative if you are not very keen on drawing your own blood. Not to mention, this company claims that they test you sample and send you the results way faster than their competition.

    This company also provides test kits for children and even pets.

    Click here to get the best deal for Allergy and Intolerance test kit.

    3. IO-Tech Solutions Salive Food Allergy and Sensitivity Test Kit

    Food allergy, sensitivity and intolerance testing kit

    This is yet another great test kit which offers the ability to collect saliva samples. It will test for food (milk, soy, egg) allergy and sensitivity and gluten sensitivity. This company offers a pre-paid shipping label for your sample which is nice. The results can be sent by email or express mail. This company also guarantees complete privacy for your results.

    You can get a great deal for this allergy and sensitivity testing kit here.

    What to do if you are diagnosed with food allergy or intolerance?

    You should not bring yourself down if you are diagnosed with food allergy or intolerance. It is not the end of the world. You can always find food products that you can easily substitute. For example, if you are allergic to milk, you can try vegetable milk or almond milk. If you are allergic to eggs, substitute them with chia seeds. Substitute wheat flour with buckwheat flour.

    In general, any food intolerance can be combated significantly with proper nutrition and diet.

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    5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Building Your Strength

    Best Adjustable Dumbbells

    Not everyone can afford the monthly expenses of going to a gym and thus, many of us choose to work out at home. Some people like to work out at home because they want to do it in peace, while others want to save time. No matter what the reason is, if you’ve decided to work out at home, you’ll need to buy the equipment too. Dumbbells are the most basic and most important equipment that you’ll have to buy to exercise at your place. Choosing the perfect pair of dumbbells is not an easy task as there are various types available. The market is full of products, so finding the best adjustable dumbbells is difficult.

    5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Use

    5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells

    Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

    PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

    Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

    Universal Power Pack 445

    Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsBest Adjustable Dumbbells
    Best Adjustable DumbbellsBest Adjustable DumbbellsBest Adjustable Dumbbells
    Weight Range5 to 52.5 lbs
    5 to 50 lbs
    10 to 50 lbs
    4 to 45 lbs
    5 to 75 lbs
    ReviewsRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review

    Right now, there are numerous styles and types of adjustable dumbbells available and while some may be suitable for you, others may not. We have made the task easier for you by reviewing the best adjustable dumbbells available on the market. Our top picks will help you keep yourself in shape and increase your stamina and strength. Following is our list of the best adjustable dumbbells.

    5. Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells Review

    Ironmaster Dumbbells Review Best Adjustable DumbbellsThe Ironmaster Quick-Lock is the favorite of many bodybuilders as it offers amazing adjustability and functionality to the user. These dumbbells have premium quality and have a weight range of 5 lbs. to 75 lbs. with quick increments of 2.5 lbs. These increments can be made in just a few seconds.

    The dumbbells are solid and sturdy and are not made up of plastic or any cheap material. They are very safe and easy to use and offer a solid and secure grip too. They are perfect for those who want to adjust the weight in a few seconds without big interruptions and do a variety of exercises. The dumbbells also come with a stand for free.

    Main Features

    The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells have an ergonomic design that allows you to adjust the weight to your preferred level. It will take you a few seconds, and you’ll be able to easily adjust the weight without any difficulty. The dumbbells weigh around 75 lbs. each and allow you to build a lot of muscle mass without switching your arms too much or working too hard.

    Best Adjustable Dumbbells IronmasterIf you’re a beginner, you can start with the lightest weight and increase it gradually. The good thing is that these dumbbells don’t occupy much space and, thus, are ideal if you want to save space. The adjustable dumbbells are tightly and securely fitted so that there is no rattling or annoying noise from the collision of plates while you exercise. They are made up of heavy-duty chrome-plated steel and thus, they are very durable and sturdy. These dumbbells are very easy to use and are considered as the strongest dumbbells available on the market.

    You can also expand your Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells Kit by using the add-on kit. This kit will allow you to expand the weight range up to 120 lbs.


    • The dumbbells offer a weight range of 5 lbs. to 75 lbs. with increments of 2.5 lbs. in a few seconds.
    • There are two handles with locking screws and the starting weight is 10 lbs. of each adjustable dumbbell before adding the plates.
    • They offer a lifetime warranty.
    • They are made up of heavy-duty chrome steel.
    • There is a stand included too.

    Click here to get a great deal on Ironmaster Dumbbells

    4. Universal Power Pack 445 Review

    Best Adjustable Dumbbells Universal Power Pack 445The Universal Power Pack 445 Adjustable Dumbbells offer amazing functionality and adjustability to the users. These dumbbells are a bit old, but they are still very popular among fitness experts. These dumbbells save a lot of space and money and are perfect for those who are looking for weight increments in future.

    The dumbbells replace 18 weights and thus, they save a lot of space. Instead of buying a single dumbbell for each weight, you can use this set of dumbbells and increase your strength and stamina tremendously. The dumbbells offer convenient methods to adjust the weights, and the dial system makes it even easier. The dumbbells are available with a sturdy and durable weight stand which offers a great way to store the whole set.

    Main Features

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsThe Universal Power Pack 445 comes with weights made up of thermoplastic rubber that offer a secure grip to the user and prevent the weights from slipping out of the hands. The dumbbells offer weight adjustments from 4 lbs. to 45 lbs. The 5 lbs. increment system of the weight allow the user to switch rapidly between exercises and give great versatility to the weights too. This set of dumbbells saves a lot of space and money as it replaces 18 separate dumbbells.

    The dumbbell stand is designed quite ergonomically and offers a neat and clean solution to store dumbbells. Each dumbbell has nine different settings of weight, and you can adjust the weight by accessing the dial present at the end of the dumbbell. The traditional dumbbells take a lot of space, but this one has all the weight plates stored in a single dumbbell.

    If you want a variety of exercises and workouts, these dumbbells are perfect because they won’t stop your routine and allow you to adjust the weights in just a few seconds. Using these dumbbells, you can perform more than 30 different types of exercises. The dumbbells will allow you to perform leg, back, chest, abdominal, back, and shoulder exercises. They are one of the best adjustable dumbbells for both beginners and expert bodybuilders.


    • The dumbbells offer a weight range of 4 lbs. to 45 lbs. and an increment of 5 lbs. so that you don’t have to stop your exercise in between.
    • The easy-to-use dial is present on the sides of the dumbbells and allow you to switch easily during your workout.
    • To offer a secure and firm grip, the dumbbells are made with thermoplastic rubber.
    • It replaces 18 individual dumbbells or 9 sets of dumbbells.
    • There is a dumbbell stand available that makes it easier to store the dumbbells.

    Click here to get a great deal on Universal Power Pack 445

    3. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsThe Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells are also very popular among fitness geeks because of their adjustability and functionality. These dumbbells have a unique dial system, so you can use your desired weight by using just a knob.

    It is made up of chrome, which is better than iron if we talk about both looks and features. It stands out and looks very unique as the glossy surface and the dark black finish gives it an elegant look. Buying separate dumbbells for your workout not only takes a lot of space but also costs you a lot. These days, adjustable dumbbells are getting very popular because of their functionality and affordability. The Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells are just perfect for you if you need weight increments from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs.

    Main Features

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsThe dumbbells have been designed very well and the edges are made to stop slipping or rolling whenever you place them on the floor. It is available with a stand which is 15.3 inches wide and 15.6 inches long. The dial of this dumbbell has 9 settings, which means you can switch between 9 types of weight sets. The weight sets range from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. You can make increments of 5 lbs. The easy slide system is better than the spinlock system of traditional dumbbells.

    If you are using the dumbbells for 10 lbs. you won’t need any plate. For 20 lbs., you’ll have to use one plate on each of them and so on. Changing the weights is very easy and will hardly take 5 seconds. You can perform many different types of weight training and lifting exercises as these dumbbells offer a variety of strength-increasing and stamina-building workouts.

    The dumbbells come in a storage tray with molded grids which are perfect for sliding the handle and plates. This set of dumbbells is very compact and allows you to store it anywhere as it doesn’t take up much space. These dumbbells are very durable and can withstand the rigors of daily use. The good thing is that there is no space between the plates, so it doesn’t make any annoying rattling sound when you work out.


    • The Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells allow you to adjust the weights from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. and you have the option of buying them in pairs of 25 lbs. or 50 lbs.
    • They come with a storage case.
    • The plates weigh 2.5 lbs. each.
    • The handle is 13 inches long and comes with a 15.6-inch stand too.
    • The dumbbells are made up of heavy-duty chrome-plated steel which is very durable and sturdy.

    Click here to get a great deal on Bayou Fitness Dumbbells

    2. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsThe PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells come in three different stages: 50, 70, and 90. Thus, the same dumbbell consists of different weight ranges, all of which have the same features. These dumbbells are one of the most popular dumbbells in the fitness industry.

    They were introduced after a lot of people complained about the downsides of the traditional dumbbells such as their cost and other restrictions. Hence, instead of purchasing separate dumbbells for each weight, you can now buy a rack of dumbbells that is quite compact and adjustable too. PowerBlock is a renowned brand, and many people consider these dumbbells as the best adjustable ones on the market.

    Main Features

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsThe only difference between the different weight stages of this set of dumbbells is the weight range. The rest of the features are the same. The Elite 50 has a weight range of 5 to 50 lbs., Elite 70 has a weight range of 5 to 70 lbs., and Elite 90 has a range of 5 to 90 lbs. If you want a big weight range, these dumbbells will be the perfect choice. The best thing about these dumbbells is that the weight range is expandable.

    Sometimes, it happens that you are strong enough to work out with the 50 lbs. weight range and want to increase the weight range. An expansion kit is very helpful in this case as you don’t have to buy separate dumbbells for each weight range.

    The Power Elite Dumbbells also offer an easy way to change the weights. The weight plates have color-coded marks and are set up in stacks. The marks indicate the amount of weight of each stack. There is a U-shaped selector pin or dual-prong that allows you to select the weight by sliding the weight markers in and out. The weight-changing procedure is very easy and takes only 2 or 3 seconds.

    When you slide the pin to select the weight, you’ll hear a clicking sound which will make sure that the connection is now secure. Also, the pin is magnetic and thus, it ensures that the connection is not lose or insecure. These dumbbells allow you to adjust weight in increments as small as 2.5 lbs. These small increments are necessary if you want versatility with the weight adjustments.


    • The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells offer a weight range of 5 to 50 lbs. which can be expanded to 70 lbs. or 90 lbs.
    • The weight range offer 15 different weight settings.
    • The dumbbells offer a 10-year warranty.
    • It has dimensions of 12 x 6.25 x 6 inches (L x W x H).
    • It can easily replace 22 pairs of dumbbells or around 1575 lbs. of weight.

    Click here to get a great deal on PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

    1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

    Best Adjustable DumbbellsBowflex SelectTech 552 offers an easy and affordable way to keep yourself fit at home. These dumbbells are sold as a pair and save a lot of space and money. They are the most popular dumbbells on the market not only because they are very affordable but also because of their adjustability and other features.

    Bowflex has built a good reputation in the gym and fitness industry and sells thousands of dumbbells every year. Apart from the reputation of this company, the thing which makes these dumbbells stand out is the unique dial-a-weight adjustment system.

    Main Features

    Best Adjustable Dumbbells Bowflex SelectTech 552The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells offer a broad range of weight sizes for your workouts. Hence, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can use these dumbbells to increase your strength and stamina. You can start from as little as 5 lbs. and reach as high as 52.5 lbs. per dumbbell. The good thing is that you can adjust the dumbbells with a 2.5 lbs. increment for weights up to 25 lbs. and as you move up, you can make increments of 5 lbs. If you want more versatility out of your adjustable dumbbells, these small and precise increments will mean a lot to you.

    Increasing weight in bigger increments is a difficult task, and your muscles won’t be able to cope up with it. For example, if you increase the weights by 5 lbs. or 10 lbs., it will be a tough job for your muscles to manage. As a result, you’ll just focus on keeping your form instead of building any strength or completing your reps. SelectTech 552 allows you to make small increments so that you can complete your reps easily and increase your strength in a short time.

    The adjustability offered by Bowflex SelectTech 552 is the best feature of these dumbbells. Let’s talk about how this works. There is a numbered dial present on each dumbbell which can be turned to select different weight settings. When you turn the dial to a setting, the brackets grab the correct weight plates and match with the dial’s weight settings. These are very user-friendly and offer the fastest way to adjust weights. We would consider them as one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market today.


    • This set offers a weight range of 5 to 52.5 lbs. per dumbbell.
    • For the first 25 lbs., you have the option of making 2.5 lbs. increment in adjustability and then, you can make increments for 5 lbs. for all the weights above 25 lbs.
    • There are 15 different weight settings for a weight range of 5-52.5 lbs.
    • You get a 2-year warranty and a 6-week fitness result guarantee too.
    • The pair includes a workout DVD as a bonus.
    • It uses a unique dial system which eliminates the need of multiple dumbbells.
    • The dumbbells have dimensions of 8 x 9 x 15.75 inches (W x H x L).

    Click here to get a great deal on Bowflex SelectTech 552

    Bottom Line

    Adjustable dumbbells allow bodybuilders to achieve their goals in the most affordable way. The best adjustable dumbbells reviewed in this post will help you choose the perfect product for you if adjustability is important for you. These dumbbells are customizable so that you can choose weights according to your comfort level. If you want to stay smart and build your strength and stamina in the most convenient way, you should buy one of these and save a lot of time and money. Our top pick is the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells because they offer small weight increments and good weight range.

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    Efitment T016 Manual Treadmill Review

    Efitment T016 Review

    Are you in the market for a manual treadmill? If you are, you should know that the Efitment T016 Manual Treadmill will provide plenty of bang for the buck. This exercise machine is super-affordable and it’s also so much fun to use. Treadmills are great because they are so versatile. Walk, jog or run on the treadmill. You may choose your own pace. When you select this budget-priced treadmill, you’ll access plenty of great features without needing to spend a fortune. This treadmill is ideal for home usage.

    Ramp Up Personal Fitness

    Now, we’d like to share information about the key benefits and features of this treadmill, which comes from a trusted and established manufacturer. Efitment is an American company which sells high-quality fitness machines that are made in Taiwan.

    This treadmill come with a trio of adjustable inclines. You’ll be able to choose from seven, eight and nine degrees of incline. As well, you’ll access a running surface which allows you to move in a natural way. The surface provides more than enough room for jogging, running or walking. You’ll be able to enjoy a forty-two inch surface which has a width of thirteen and a half inches.

    We also love the energy-saving power of this model. It’s a manually-powered treadmill, so your own body will act as its motor. You will determine the speed based on how you move. When you choose this model, you’ll also access a liquid crystal display console, with displays that feature large text and numbers.

    The display on this affordable treadmill is very simple to read. Access readings for calories, time, speed, distance and the odometer. This display features technological features, including Sac Function, which allow it to show all of your workout metrics accurately.

    You’ll find that tracking your fitness data via the display is a pleasant and hands-free experience. Every metric is displayed for four seconds.

    Another great feature of the Efitment T016 is its pulse sensors. They feature biometric feedback for accurate heart rate readouts.

    We also really like the wheels on this model. They make it so simple to move this treadmill from place to place. As well, this treadmill is a folding style, so you’ll be able to fold it up when you don’t want to use it. This means that it will require less storage space.

    Is Efitment T016 Right For You?

    Efitment T016 ReviewIf you weigh two hundred and twenty pounds or less, you’ll find that this model is a perfect match. It’s not right for people who weigh more than two hundred and twenty pounds. The treadmill has an overall weight of sixty-five and a half pounds. It has a length of fifty-four inches, a width of twenty-seven inches and a height of forty-nine and a half inches. When it’s folded up, it measures twenty-one inches in length by twenty-seven inches in width by fifty-three and a half inches in height.

    If you’re the right weight for this model and you like the features and product dimension data that you’ve learned about today (as well as this treadmill’s low price!), then this may be the manual treadmill that you’ve been searching for.

    What Do Real-life Buyers Think?

    Efitment T016 Manual Treadmill ReviewWe’ve now shared the key benefits and features of this treadmill. To balance out this Efitment T016 Manual Treadmill Review, we’d like to share information about what real-life buyers of this treadmill think of it. We checked out some reviews online and most of them were in the very good to excellent category, which is good news. We believe in this dependable, well-made and inexpensive treadmill. It’s nice to know that other people agree with us!

    In terms of what people had to say about this model, one happy customer was pleased with just how easy assembly of this model was. This is nice, as some treadmills are a lot of work to put together. If you want something that does feature simple assembly, this model should meet your needs. As well, people who reviewed this Efitment treadmill online were generally really happy with its performance. They found it easy to run on this self-powered treadmill.

    So, what about bad reviews? Well, we couldn’t find many. Most people used the word, “great” when they were talking about this model. However, one customer did find that the treadmill was shipped out with a little dent in it. The customer contracted Efitment (the company had already checked in with the customer via email in order to see if the treadmill arrived) and the company quickly resolved the issue.

    It’s safe to say that Efitment does provide caring and competent customer service. This isn’t always the case with companies that make products which are sold online. We like the fact that the team at Efitment are willing to step in and handle problems for customers.

    Another customer loved this treadmill, but remarked that she needs to hold onto the handles while she’s moving fast on the treadmill. If you want to jog, run or sprint without needing to use the handles, you may want to consider another model. As we mentioned, she really likes her treadmill and runs on it often. She just finds that using the handles is helpful. They provide a bit of balance and stability.

    Should You Buy This Budget Model?

    Before you take the plunge and buy this budget model, you should carefully consider your needs. This treadmill is great. However, it is a budget model. This means that it’s not as stable, large and sturdy as a high-end model will usually be. High-end models come with designer features, such as speakers, connectivity features (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and LED lighting.

    Some have more extra features than others.

    Efitment T016 ReviewThis treadmill doesn’t have these designer extras. However, the truth is that a lot of people don’t need the extras. They want something which offers enough room to run on comfortably. This treadmill offers ample room for movement and it’s also got the basic features that most people want, such as a display which features plenty of great fitness metrics and three levels of incline.

    If basic performance which is reliable is important to you and you also want a design which is easy to put together, we think that you’ll really appreciate this model from Efitment. It works well, it earns accolades and it’s one of the most affordable and convenient ways to get a gym experience at home.

    It’s a budget model which isn’t flimsy. It is a treadmill that you’ll genuinely enjoy using.

    Why Buy a Home Treadmill, Anyway?

    Now that we’ve shared so much information about this model, and let you know why it’s such a smart and sensible buy, let’s talk about why treadmills are so beneficial to human health. Basically, power walking, jogging or running will allow you to access a cardio workout which improves blood circulation, tones your muscles, improves your mood and burns calories.

    We believe that cardio exercise is one of the keys to keeping the body in a youthful state and preventing health problems. These days, a lot of people don’t get enough cardio exercise. When you invest in this reasonably-priced treadmill, you’ll find that you’ll be able to work out at home whenever you want to, without needing to pay expensive gym fees or go out running (or walking) in bad weather.

    You’ll be able to enjoy the very best in cardio without the usual expense or downside. In fact, you’ll be able to watch TV or listen to music while you use this exercise machine. Most people come to love their home treadmills. It’s possible to personalize workouts. For example, if you want to have an easy day, you can walk at a slower pace on the treadmill. You don’t have to raise your heart rate too much if you don’t want to. If you want more of a challenge (and some great cardio), then you may speed up the pace. With the Efitment T016, your own pace will keep the treadmill going. It will perform according to your needs and preferences.

    Order This Amazing Treadmill Today

    The key to getting fit in the most fun and convenient way possible is ordering this affordable treadmill online. It’s got so many good points. It’s really hard to find anything bad to say about it. We’ve researched it carefully, read reviews from other people who’ve tried it and compared it with similar home treadmills in the budget price point. In our view, this design is head and shoulders above the competition.

    It’s pretty simple to find this model online. It’s available at the world’s largest online retailer for a competitive price and it may also be sold elsewhere. We think that it’s a smart buy and we also find that it’s a thoughtful gift idea. It’s really not very expensive, so you may want to give it someone who’s fitness-oriented, as a caring and useful present.

    Most people buy the Efitment T016 as a treat to themselves. If you do this today, you’ll love getting fit on your new treadmill!

    Check the Best Price for Efitment T016

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    Best Free Apps for Fitness Used by Trainers

    Best Free Apps for Fitness

    There are thousands of fitness applications on the mobile app market today. The most relevant question is what are the best free apps for fitness?

    The supply of free fitness apps is huge. You can use them in the gym or at home, however how to find the best free one?

    Two main categories of best free apps for fitness

    There are various types of fitness apps for mobile devices, however we would like to exclude two main categories of the best free apps for fitness – nutrition tracking apps which allow you to track and log calories, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and other information, and apps for building fitness programs and tracking results. Both types of these apps have their winners.

    Best free app for nutrition – “MyFitnessPal”

    It is no secret that nutrition amounts up to 80 percent of your fitness goals. Therefore, beginners should be aware of what they eat and how often they eat. Free apps like “MyFitnessPal” are great for tracking your diet.

    “MyFitnessPal” is one of the most popular and well used apps in the world which help you learn how to trace your calorie intake. It is really easy to use, you just enter your height, weight, other data and goals and this app calculates the most efficient daily calorie intake you can get. You can choose to weight loss or weight gain for your main goal.

    One of the most appealing thing of “MyFitnessPal” is its’ huge database of food products. You can search the database by entering the name of the product or even scanning the bar code. It then brings up the nutrition facts of the item. If the product does not exist, you can enter values yourself and it will be visible for others in the future.

    When you start your journey of weight loss or weight gain, apps like “MyFitnessPal” are essential in figuring out how many calories there are in various products.

    Best free app for training – “BodySpace”

    BodySpace” is a product by a well known established fitness and bodybuilding site “Bodybuilding.com”. You can create an account on the site and choose from the variety of existing fitness programs. “BodySpace” is able to synchronize with your phones’ calendar and thus, for example, when you come to train on Monday you know which muscles groups you need to exercise.

    This free app for fitness is able to track your weight, results, repetitions and other progress of your workout. Obviously, it cannot be compared to individual training program and it cannot tell you if you are performing exercises correctly, however it is still regarded one of the best free apps for fitness in the market.

    You can always choose “BodySpace” if you want to try out new training routines.

    Best free app for running – “Nike Training Club”

    Nike Training Club” (or “NTC”) is perfect for beginners or advanced people. This free fitness app can be used in a gym, home or for running.

    You also need to register, create an account and then choose how much time do you have for exercising. For example, you have only 20 minutes for training and the app will select appropriate best suited for this time frame. It does also have built in videos which show how to perform certain exercises correctly.

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    Benefits of Raw Potato Juice and How to Use It

    benefits of potato juice

    Although potatoes are not the most healthiest choice regarding dieting but there are significant known benefits of raw potato juice.

    Our ancestors regarded potato juice highly and used them for treating various health problems. It is still highly regarded today.

    How to make potato juice without a juicer?

    If you do not have a juicer you can always make potato juice with a simple hand grater. Mash the raw potato to very small and fine peaces. Get a peace of cloth and put the mashed potato in the cloth. Fold the cloth and squeeze the juice through it. You can always get an affordable juicer if you wish to make potato juice regularly with ease.

    What are the benefits of raw potato juice?

    One of the best advantages of potato juice is that it is easy to make. Most of us have at least a few potatoes lying around at our house. If not, every food store are full of them. So let’s dive into and explore the benefits of raw potato juice.

    Potato juice for strengthening immune system

    Raw potatoes are full of vitamin C which is known to help the immune system. Even a glass a day of raw potato juice will help you not getting a cold. This is very important during colder weather.

    How to prepare potato juice for skin?

    Raw potato juice is very beneficial for irritated skin and dry skin. Get a grater and grind a fresh potato. If you are struggling with the grinding process, you should get a juicer which will help a lot. Put the grated potato in a cloth and squeeze the juice out. Get a cotton swab, dip it in squeezed juice and apply to dry skin. You can also make a face mask out of raw potato juice. Apply the juice like mentioned above and leave it for thirty minutes. After that, remove the leftovers and wash it with warm water. Your skin should feel refreshed.

    How to apply potato juice on hair?

    Applying potato juice on hair is very easy. Mash and grind raw potato, squeeze the juice using a cloth. Put the juice on your scalp and try to rub it into your hair roots. Leave it for twenty minutes and rinse your hair with water afterwards. This should be done at least 2 times per week for best results.

    Potato juice for gastritis

    Use potato juice for gastritis in cycles like this: drink it 10 days in a row (a glass of potato juice every morning before breakfast) and take 10 days off. Continue using this cycle. This can also apply for using potato juice for healing acid reflux.

    Potato juice for arthritis

    Potato juice is also used for back and joint pain because of the anti-inflammation properties. Potato juice is very beneficial for arthritis.

    Potato juice for heart

    Because potato juice is know for reducing bad cholesterol, drinking it is very beneficial for your heart. Furthermore, it has benefits for blood vessels and blood flow.

    Potato juice and digestion

    If you suffer from digestion problems like gas, diarrhea, you should drink potato juice regularly.

    Potato juice for liver and gall bladder

    Potato juice is known for getting rid of toxins out of your liver and gall bladder.

    Potato juice can give you energy

    If you feel fatigue and out of energy, drink potato juice because it is known for stimulating features.


    There are lots of benefits of raw potato juice. However, please keep in mind that if you have any of the symptoms listed above, it is best that you consult with your physician to make sure that using these remedies will not do you any harm.


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