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5 Effective Exercises for Sagging Buttocks


Your luck and self-esteem depends largely on how you look from the back, especially from the eyes of the opposite sex. If you live a not so active lifestyle, your main exercise is a plain old squat and you got a pack of biscuits beside your bed, you are probably not achieving the desired results for your sagging buttocks problem. This situation can be improved only by arranging a professional fitness plan and consistently performing these following workouts.

Internet amateurs often provide “magic” 3-minute daily workouts which can miraculously lift sagging buttocks. Face the facts – these will not and can not work.

A perfect thick and round butt can only be achieved by regular training which will make you sweat. It is also important that these exercises include basic and isolated compound exercises.

Buttocks are a group of three gluteal muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Despite of its’ name “gluteus minimus”, this muscle is of a major importance for achieving a round and nice looking butt. Therefore, gluteus minimus must be included in exercises when training saggy buttocks.

5 effective exercises for sagging buttocks.

1. Squats. A go-to exercise for a perfect butt.

Preferably with weighted or suspended squats. There are quite a few different variations of squats: classic, half squats, deep squats, plié squats, close leg squats. All of these are perfect for strengthening legs and glutes, shaping your figure and making that butt look awesome.

If you want the best results when training buttocks focus on deep and plié type squats. You should perform this exercise with feed spread apart a bit wider than shoulders while pressing through your feet and pushing your hips further. Before you start doing this exercise at full pace, concentrate and learn the technique thoroughly.

2. Lunges. Important exercise for sagging buttocks.

While performing this exercise, focus on your knees, the angle between the knee and the ground should be no less than 90 degrees. Flex your buttocks while performing this exercise, lean against the ground with your heel. Also, you can flex your abs, this workout is great for strengthening abdominal muscles too.

The forward lunge

Stand up straight with feet hip wide and on the flat ground. Place your hands in the position which helps you to maintain balance. Take a step forward, move your body down while keeping about 2/3 of your body weight on your leg, let the knee form a 90-degree angle and push yourself back.

3. Stiff Legged Deadlift. Great for glutes and core muscles.

This exercise is performed with straight legs. Great thing about stiffed legged deadlift is that it is not only a great way to tone sagging buttocks but also it trains a lot more muscles like posterior part of the thigh and lower back.

Get your weights ready, place your legs a bit wider than your shoulder width, bend your knees a little, keep a straight back. Move your core up and down while flexing your glutes, arms and back should not be flexed.

4. Lying hip raise. Beneficial for achieving sturdy buttocks.

Lie on the ground with arched knees. Place your feet close to your glutes and shoulder-wide. Arms should be placed parallel to your body and used as a support. Flex your butt and raise your hips from the ground, remember to maximize the flexing of your buttocks. To maximize effect, raise yourself as high as you possibly can.

5. Single Leg Glute Bridge Raise.  Direct “gluteus minimus” exercise.

Single leg glute bridge raise is a perfect exercise to shape the roundness of your butt. While laying on the floor with your knees bent, raise your leg off the ground and pull the knee to your chest. Continue this movement by holding pressure on your heel and extend your hip up while raising glutes off the ground. Extent as far as you can and return to the starting position.

You should do at least 12-15 reps with 3-4 sets of each exercise. It is important to concentrate and do not slack off while performing this workout, otherwise there will be no significant effect.

Be sure to make use of various machines at your gym. Use a stair-master or a treadmill with an incline function. It is important to use weights with these exercises, however make sure you truly master the technique before you start adding significant weights.

You should perform these exercises for sagging buttocks each other day. Be consistent, do not slack off and you will achieve maximum results.

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