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5 Best Foods for Your Teeth

5 Best Foods for Your Teeth

What goes into our mouth affects our oral health as well as our overall health. Since our mouth is a not-so-secret gateway to our body, not being vigilant about oral health can backfire in a big way. Unarguably, sugar and starches are the all-star villains over here. When you have a jab at these foods, the bacteria in our mouth feeds on them, turning them into acid. The resulting acid dwells on our teeth for as much as twenty minutes after we are done eating. So, one should really be mindful of the things to eat. Let’s take a look at the best foods for your teeth to maintain optimum oral health and overall wellness.

Best Food for Teeth Under Spotlight

Dairy products

Dairy products are bliss for your teeth. It’s the ultimate food for healthy teeth. Not only are they loaded with the particularly important calcium, but they also contain Vitamin B12. Research has shown that Vitamin B12 can be generously helpful in strengthening our gums. Calcium to your teeth is like a dumbbell for your biceps. In addition to strengthening your jaw bones, it best holds your teeth in place.


You must have often heard people say that carrots are good for the eyes. Here’s the unheard story. They are good for your teeth as well. The minerals present in them can prevent tooth damage. They also reduce the chances of a cavity by stimulating our gums to produce more saliva. Because of the increased chewing needed to eat a carrot, they help clean our gums as well.

Raw Onions

Did you know that a raw onion can save you from a toothache? It’s said that eating a raw onion or rubbing it against the sore teeth can help one combat tooth pain. Moreover, onions are pigment free, so they won’t stain your teeth. Not to undermine the fact that they contain an antimicrobial compound named allicin that plays a great role in kicking the bacteria on their butt to stop them from flourishing.

Green leafy vegetables

As you may know, green vegetables always find a way to steal the limelight with regards to healthy foods list. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, they are a good source of calcium as well. The presence of Vitamin A in them also strengthens our enamel. Surely, those on a plant-based diet would be happy to discover the oral health benefits of green vegetables.


Don’t fret yet. There’s hope for non-vegetarians as well. Salmon is loaded with phosphorus, an important mineral that guards our enamel. It’s also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, something that our body cannot produce naturally. Omega-3 fatty acids can help one combat a lot of ailments. So, you would be hitting two birds with a single stone.

Apart from including these foods in your routine diet, there are some foods that you should try to avoid as much as possible. Sticky foods, in particular, should be a complete no as they will be in contact with your teeth for so much longer. As a consequence, the damage can be greater. Of course, limit the intake of usual offenders such as sugar beverages and carbonated soft drinks to avoid tooth decay. So, follow these pointers and keep your radiant smile healthy for a lifetime.

5 Best Foods for Your Teeth Infographic

5 Best Foods for Your Teeth Infographic

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