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How 40 Minutes of Cardio Each Day Helps With Weight Loss

40 minutes of cardio a day

What Can You Achieve With 40-Minutes of Cardio Each Day?

Cardio is a fantastic way of improving your general health and fitness levels while keeping your cardiovascular system in tip-top condition. It is also the very best way of burning those excess calories and helping reduce your overall body fat stores. You can take advantage of all of these health benefits with just 40 minutes of cardio a day.

This article is going to run through some of the best 40-minute workouts you can perform to help you get in shape, improve your overall health, and reveal a slimmer, more-defined you. Finding time to exercise can be hard, so the ones in this list will be those which can be added to your day without too much of a change being required.

40 Minutes of General Dancing for Weight loss

Dancing is a great way to get in some cardio. With a 40 minute session, a 150 lb person can expect to burn around 200 calories. Dancing is a fantastic all over workout as you will incorporate all parts of your body while doing it. Anyone who has ever been to a nightclub will know how quickly dancing can get the heart racing and induce those feel-good endorphin’s.

The best part of performing dance as part of your cardio plan is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home to your favorite tracks.  You also won’t need any special equipment, so you can get on with dancing yourself slim.

40 Minutes Of Running Up & Down The Stairs For Weight loss

If you live in a house or apartment which has stairs inside, then you can perform 40 minutes of running up and down them. This is one of the very best calorie burning exercises you can perform, and a single 40-minute session will burn roughly 680 calories!

If running isn’t your thing, the walking up and down your stairs will burn an average of around 360 calories in 40-minutes. Along with providing you with a great cardio workout, it also helps develop and tone the buttocks, legs, lower back and abs.

40 Minutes Of Walking at 4.5 mph For Weight loss

Walking is one of the most underrated cardio exercises around. Just 40-minutes of walking at a moderate pace of 4.5 mph can burn close to 180 calories. Walking is also one of the easiest exercises to incorporate into your daily routine, be it opting to walk to work instead of driving to going for a stroll in the early evening.

As it is a low impact exercise, you will reap plenty of health benefits while avoiding the pain and discomfort associated with jogging and running.

40 Minutes Of Cycling at 13 mph For Weight loss

There is nothing better than getting on your bike and going for a relaxing yet invigorating bike ride. Cycling for just 40-minutes a day at 13 mph, which is a moderate pace will burn approximately 360 calories. Keeping to a moderate pace will ensure that you can cycle for a full 40-minutes without wearing yourself out too much.

Cycling also helps tone the legs, glutes and core muscles, which helps provide strength, stability and better posture. If you don’t have an outdoor bike, hitting the gym and making use of an exercise bike can afford you with all of the same benefits.

40 Minutes Of Swimming Laps For Weight loss

Swimming is one of those exercises that doesn’t really feel like exercise, yet it is an amazing way to get in some serious cardio. 40-minutes of swimming laps in a freestyle way can burn 360 calories. The reason as to why swimming is so good for you is that the water supports your body yet provides resistance.

You can up the ante and go for a faster and more vigorous swim to burn 450 calories in 40-minutes. Leisurely is always going to be your best option as it feels like less of a chore, therefore you will be able to be more consistent with your laps.

40 Minutes Of High Impact Aerobics For Weight loss

High impact aerobics is best performed as part of a class at the gym. However, there are plenty of online videos which you can do in the comfort of your own home if you prefer. High impact aerobics will raise your body temperature, increase your heart rate and make it hard for you to catch your breath. 40-minutes of this will result in approximately 318 calories to be burned.

As it is quite an intense form of exercise, you will most likely not want to do it every day. It would be a great choice for performing  twice a week as part of a weekly routine.

40 Minutes Of Rope Jumping – Skipping For Weight loss

Another great cardio exercise that you can perform at home is to do 40-minutes of skipping. This will burn more than 450 calories and is quite easy to perform at any point during the day. If you don’t have a rope to hand, no problem.

You will get the exact same workout by pretending you have a rope by performing the same arm and leg movements. The calories burned for this exercise are consistent with jumping at a moderate pace.

Final Thoughts on 40 Minutes Of Cardio Each Day

If you are wondering how long you should do cardio for weight loss, 40-minutes a day will be more than enough to get the ball rolling. To lose weight you need to burn more calories each day than you consume. Therefore, burning around 300 calories a day via cardio will help you lose 2100 calories extra each week.

The number of calories you will burn with 40-minutes of cardio will depend on your intensity level and the exercise performed. Some are better at burning calories than others. The key point to remember is that it’s not how many calories you burn each day, but how many you consistently burn over a week.

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