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11 Most Common Breast Pain Causes

11 Most Common Breast Pain Causes

Despite the fear that grips our mind and soul when anything in our breast hurts, breast pain is hardly ever a symptom of breast cancer. So, you can rest your fears. There is absolutely no reason to wet your eyes. Breast pain is a highly common symptom that a woman might experience several times throughout her lifetime. In fact, there are a lot of harmless causes of breast pain. Below are some of the breast pain causes that might bother you, sometimes unnecessarily.

Breast Pain Causes in Women

Being a Woman

Loads of women out there may experience breast pain just a few days before the start of their periods. Simply put, it’s the breast’s way of responding to the hormonal changes. Thankfully, the breast pain usually disappears at menopause without the need of any treatment. So, if you are experiencing recurring pain around the same time every month, it’s a safe bet to state that your period is on its way. Unless the pain is too severe, one shouldn’t really throw a sweat when dealing with such cyclical breast pain. For intense pain, a doctor might prescribe a painkiller upon examination. As such, cyclical breast pains are less common in older women.

The Caffeine Bomb

Interestingly enough, caffeine could be the cause of sharp pain in breast. Sorry caffeine devotees. Health care professionals reckon that too much caffeine can cause breast pain in women due to the inflammation caused to the breast by caffeine intake. Copious amount of caffeine intake might be a habitual thing for most of us because the more we consume, the higher is our tolerance. So, you might want to cut back on this bad habit to eliminate the instances of breast pain in your life.

The Old Bra that Dislikes You

You might hate to hear this, but your bra could be ill-fitted enough to cause sharp pain in breast. According to a recent report, nearly 65% of the women wear a bra of the wrong size. If your bra is too small, it could be squeezing your breasts. If it’s too large, it might fail to provide proper support to the breast tissue. In either case, one could end up being a victim of breast pain. When your bra no longer fits, you will know. So, be ready to get a new one. It’s not worth spending ten or more hours strangling your breasts.

The Inevitable Breast Growth

Breast growth is one of the unknown breast pain causes. If you are still going through puberty, your breast might hurt. It’s the natural process of growing, whether you like it or not. Until your breasts attain their final shape and size, breast pain or tenderness might exist in your life.

The Pregnancy Prize

Unless you have been lied before, breast pain is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. The pain in breast is a result of hormonal changes during this time. It’s the nature’s way of preparing a woman for breastfeeding. So, it shouldn’t be looked upon as a fearful thing by a soon-to-be mother.

The Frequent Visitor: Injury

Injuries to nearby muscles, bones or joints can stretch to the chest and cause pain in the breast. An injury to the breast could accompany pain, inflammation, redness and swelling. In some cases, it can also lead to scars and lumps. Depending on the severity of the injury, the pain can last for few weeks or months. Cold compresses along with some other supervised medications can prove to be helpful over here.

The Unknown Fibrocystic Disease

Discovering a lump in the breast might scare the hell out of a woman. By nature, some girls or women might have lumpy breast tissue called as fibrocystic breasts. It’s a non-cancerous condition that results in painful lumps in the breast. Although not life threatening, the condition can be a quite bothersome due to the pain and discomfort involved with the ailment. In some cases, a woman might experience pain under the arms as well.

The Exercise Saga

Soreness from exercise can trick you into believing that you have breast pain. Since the muscle lies beneath the breast tissue, it could be hard to tell if it’s a breast pain or a muscle pain. Ideally, muscle pain should not last for more than a few days. As a precautionary tip, wear a good supportive bra while training to prevent excessive movement of the breasts.

The Shitty Allergic Body Lotions

Some body lotions cause more harm than good. The chemicals present in them can cause skin allergy. When applied to the chest, it can result in pain and swelling, depending upon how your body responds to the chemical product. If you have recently switched to a new product and now you are experiencing breast pain, there could very well be a connection. So, say goodbye to the product to see if the breast pain also goes away.

The Liberating Birth Control Pills

Health experts reckon that any medication that can affect our hormone can make way for pain in breast. Medications such as birth control pills can also cause tenderness and swelling in the breast. More than often, the side effects go away with time. However, if it persists, it’s best advised to consult a doctor. The chances are that one could have taken some wrong medications. That being said, some prescribed medications can also cause breast pain.

Last but not the Least: Cancer

Cancer is a rare source of breast pain. Only in worst case scenario, breast pain could be a symptom of cancer. Unless the pain in breast is accompanied by a host of other symptoms, you could very well be in the safe zone. Most of the women who come for treatment of breast pain do not have cancer. This isn’t to say that breast pain should be taken lightly because they are usually trying to tell us something. Upon breast pain, one must consult a doctor to take all the precautionary measures or medications to best combat the pain at the earliest. In many cases, breast pain may disappear in due time, but to understand the subtle messages and to calm your worries, you might need an expert view.

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